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Benefits Of Nude Tantric Massage


Benefits Of Nude Tantric Massage

Not only is a nude tantric massage a wonderful way to spend some time with your partner, it also has many health benefits. It is clear that men and women are very different in physical appearance, but their bodies do share some common themes when it comes to sensual relaxation.

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​​The first obvious benefit of nude tantric massage is stress reduction. Stress cannot remain in a truly relaxed body. Tantric Massage aims to relax every fiber of the being thus stress is thoroughly removed.  In addition, the mental state of calm and euphoria that follows, last long after your session has ended. Day to day difficulties that must be addressed are viewed and tackled in a completely new and relaxing way.

Increased vitality and energy is provided via tantric massage. Energy prolongs youth, massage in general along with tantric touch therapy certainly slows the ageing process. The body is able to renew and repair itself more quickly and easily. Moreover, life in general has a more passionate and pleasant hint.

A unique feature of tantric massage is addressing sexual problems in both men and women. To experience and be more aware of sensations is a very liberating experience. Awareness of tantric breathing technique leads to greater control of ejaculation. In addition, some tantric techniques can help men to extend his lovemaking by delaying orgasm.

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​Correct breathing is an integral part of the tantric massage process that helps in everyday life, especially when there is danger of feelings or emotions becoming out of control. A destructive emotions like anger can be decreased rapidly and more balanced feeling take it’s place. The joy of being touched in a tantric way, allows you to deal more easily with the problems of life.

There is great confusion in the Western imagination when it comes to nude tantric massage. It has become the custom to attach the meaning of a sexual service or a type of seedy massage where everything is allowed except the act; not true.

There are tantric terms for the sexual organs. The penis is referred to as the ‘Lingam’ and is translated as ‘Wand of Light’ it is viewed and honored as that which channels creative energy and pleasure.  The vagina is known as ‘the Yoni’ translated as the “sacred space” or “sacred temple.” In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love, care and respect.


 ​So what is a Nude Tantric Massage?

Relating to relaxation and copious amounts of pleasure, Tantric masssage has been practised for centuries and is derived from the Sanskrit word Tan/Tantra, meaning to expand, extend or to bring forward. It is performed “totally naked” in a bid to encourage a sense of liberation, exclude daily responsibilities and obligations that induce stress of any kind. Of course the choice remain yours. Your tantric masseuse sees your entire body as a whole, thus all areas of the body is treated/touched unlike a conventional massage.

It is the art of prolonging pleasure and relaxation both mentally and physically without reaching or choosing when to reach orgasm as described in the Kama Sutra, the Hindu sex manual written in the 4th century.

A tantric couple massage can includes “Karezza” the term used to define a male’s practice of pleasuring his partner and prolonging their intercourse by perpetuating his state of climax without actually ejaculating. These so called “dry orgasms”, orgasms without ejaculation, are extremely pleasurable, and still allow the sexual act to continue.

Couples are encouraged to explore, often resulting in intercourse with ‘each other’ your masseuse coaches on what to do to enhance the whole experience if requested.

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The MAJESTIC Nude Tantric Massage is performed by a selection of skilled, naturist masseuses who visit you at home or in your hotel suite. Visits to us in private Central London Studios can be arranged in advance.

Known as the Executive Nude Tantric Massage, MAJESTIC tantric massages are a great way to ease stress and jet-lag, prepare you for stressful meetings or simply to put the fizz back into your life. It’s also a great way to rekindle faltering flames in relationships or a treat for yourself.

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