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The 10 Critical Things You Want Your Online Dating Photos To Convey To An Older Woman

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The 10 Critical Things You Want Your Online Dating Photos To Convey To An Older Woman

If your photos are subpar, then it’ll crush your chances of landing a hot date this weekend. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the best cougar dating sites around, bad photos will ensure you don’t get any messages.

So, it’s time to get your brain in gear and get her mind reeling to meet you with the best online pictures she could ever imagine.

Your Online Dating Photos Are The First Thing A Woman Sees In Cyber Playland — Make Them Count

There are several essential elements you want to stand out so you can meet more women. I know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to hear them.

You don’t have to look like Hugh Jackman, but apparently, it doesn’t hurt, because he landed a hot cougar.

So if you don’t look like Hugh, what’s a regular guy to do to get more action in his inbox and the bedroom? Get out the Polaroid and start clicking, but there is more to it than that.

1) Look Away From The Camera For Your Online Dating Photos

Having a profile page that attracts a lot of attention is critical. By looking straight into the camera with dead eyes, you’ll never get any positive experiences online. Perhaps you remind women of the creepy wallflower at the 8th-grade dance. He wouldn’t stop staring, and apparently, neither will you.

Women like a little mystery and the occasional shot of you looking elsewhere adds some complexity to you. Don’t have every shot like this but a few make it look like you’re doing something interesting.

2) Take Your Shirt Off In Your Online Dating Photos

The myth of leaving your shirt on is for the older, less-ripped crowd.

Let your torso show — if and only if you have a hot ripped body. If you’ve got a dad bod and are shirtless, being Leonardo DiCaprio is the only exception to us seeing your chest hair and belly button.

According to OKCupid, the guys with super hot bodies, of course, get plenty of messages. So, if you’re going to the gym on the reg, take your top off. You won’t get any Mardi-Gras beads in return, but you might just land a date. And the older you get, the shirtless pics response decrease with age. So if you’re a ripped young guy, in some of the best places to meet older women, don’t believe the hype. Don’t be afraid to show some skin.

3) Ladies Love A Sharp-Dressed Man

If you have an average body, leave your shirt on, but don’t try too hard and put on your navy blue suit from Sears you wore to your High School Graduation. Let the moths in your mother’s closet eat holes in that bad boy.

I love a sharp dressed man, but the stats show more than a collared shirt is a bit much.

But I disagree with the stats because I for one — being an older woman myself — LOVE a man sharp dressed man. That is, as long as he is wearing high-quality material and you know how to dress well.

An older woman can spot a cheap suit from across a stadium or through her computer with her x-ray eyes. So unless you’re dropping some bills on an Armani, stick to your regular clothes.

If you have a pic with a button up shirt, there is no need to bust out the bow tie and suspenders, unless that’s how you usually dress.

4) In Your Online Dating Photos — Don’t Be A Bore!

Photos of you doing something interesting will give you the best chance that a message to a gal will start a real conversation.

Women get fewer messages the older they get, so this is a fantastic advantage for you to meet hot women looking to meet younger men. The odds are in your favor.

You can ping her online and make her heart race at the thought of another fantastic guy messaging her.

What are some things that you can do in your photos that seem interesting?

Do you really think a bathroom selfie will reel in the ladies? Toilet paper and romance do not go hand-in-hand. So get your butt off the throne and get some photos of you doing something cool and fun.

Upload a shot of yourself:

  1. Playing table tennis
  2. Grab your guitar and have a photo shoot
  3. Running a 5K
  4. You scuba diving
  5. Playing football
  6. Chopping wood
  7. Building something
  8. Fixing a car
  9. Washing dishes — just kidding (sort of)

5) Release Your Ex In Your Online Dating Photos

Anytime there’s a cropped image — this is a red flag for any woman. Who’s well-manicured hand is that around your shoulder? Your overbearing mother or your crazy ex-girlfriend?

These kinds of thoughts arise in the heads of single women all over the world when they’re looking for love or a hookup. Even if it’s your best friend’s sister or your cousin in the picture, don’t crop out a person, especially a woman.

If you crop out women, other women will assume it’ probably your ex, you’re on a rebound and she should just keep on swiping left.

If you want more right swipes, have full-sized pictures with no cropping. And definitely not crayoned-over faces, especially if they have long feminine hair.

6) Wear Black Or Dark Blue Clothing In Your Online Dating Photos

There was a study from Université de Bretagne-Sudthe  that recorded data from more than 24 women from the ages of 20-30.

While these women got more response when they wore red online, professional photographers suggest that men wear black or dark blue. I haven’t seen stats on this anywhere, but solid colors look good.

I’m also giving you some advice from television professionals from all over the world. If you want to dress for success in online dating, experts suggest that natural tones are also good. So, please leave your Hawaiian shirt in the closet until you meet your hot date at a beach party or a tiki bar. Prints are bad. Solids are good.

Whatever you’re doing in your action photos, make sure you dress appropriately. Who skateboards in hiking boots? Nobody.

7) Get Your Ass Off The Couch In Your Online Dating Photos

We know you want to eat pizza and drink beer while you Netflix and chill with a woman. But please don’t post a picture of your lazy-self lying on the couch doing nothing.

Let’s say you have two photos to choose from today.

The first: an action shot of you doing a cannonball into the pool. The second is you napping on the couch with your chubby cat sitting on your face.

If you want her sitting on your face or even near your couch, you better guess the correct answer to this question:

Which photo is the most interesting? Me on the couch, or me having fun at the pool on a hot summer day.

You guessed it— She wants to see the action shot fellas, not the lazy shot. Don’t let her imagine you as the simpleton who doesn’t do anything with her except try to kiss her with lousy pizza breath under the flickering overhead light on your worn out couch.

You are more fun than that! And after you attract her with your sexy and fun profile photos, then you can chill on the couch with her. And she won’t even know the sofa was given to you by your old Aunt Bertha who smelled like moth balls.

You want to create attraction and intrigue in her mind with your photos, not boredom.

8) If You Like To Ride Motorcycles, Show It The Right Way In Your Online Dating Photos

Let’s say you love motocross and you’ve been riding bikes since you were seven years old. If you want to express your love for the race, then have a photo of you riding on the track.

Don’t pose in front of your bike like you’re a model in a bikini, sitting on a dirt-bike. You’re no woman, so don’t act like one. Look like a man. Ride it — don’t pose in front of it.

The same thing goes for your fancy Mustang. I know you love your car. You’ve been saving up for it since you were in High School.

But a woman knows you’re trying too hard to impress her if you are posing in front of your 8-cylinder monster with your leather jacket slung over your shoulder and your left leg positioned over your right leg, just so.

That is one of the classic poses terrible High School photos are made of . . . in 1980. Don’t keep that trend going to torture women for any longer. Women have seen more than enough bad photos in their lives. Please save their eyes!

9) Don’t Use Racy Photos In Your Online Dating Photos

Online dating nudity is a massive turnoff for (most) women and can also get you blocked from your favorite online site for eternity! Men are visual and so are women, but women’s biggest turn-ons are inside of her head. Think about what she wants for a minute.

Just because you want to see her naked now, doesn’t mean she wants to look at your closeup photos of places where the sun doesn’t shine.

So intrigue her with your creativity in your photos, not your private member. Women like to create a fantasy in their minds and you don’t need to ruin it with a tasteless photo of you junk before you even have a conversation.

10) Clean Up After Yourself

You need to have at least one photo of your body and or face, but no need to have more than 12. And if you take a selfie in your bedroom, please take note of what is behind you.

A pile of dirty socks won’t help you spark attraction, but your abs in front of your well-made bed might. A women is going to notice if your bed isn’t made, you have used tissues everywhere and you have dirty clothes strewn about the place. Same with the old pizza boxes on the table and the bong on the counter.

You want to give off the vibe of having your stuff together. Nothing goes against that quite like the background being a disaster area.

Assuming you know if online dating is right for you, keep your online dating photos classy, adventurous, authentic and fun, and let the women imagine what it’ll be like when they meet you. Give them a reason to want to connect with you— because you know what women want.

Your effort will increase your chances of meeting the woman you want to chat with, then get down and dirty . . . And I don’t mean on the dirt-bike.

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