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Book Review: The Bonobo Way by Dr. Susan Block


Book Review: The Bonobo Way by Dr. Susan Block

Looking to put some sizzle in your sex life? Well, we’ll say it’s probably time for you to head down to the local zoo and do some bonobo watching over the weekend with The Bonobo Way in hand. Renowned sexologist Dr. Susan Block unlocks the secret to an amazing sex life and perhaps, even world peace. Unbashfully candid and extremely witty, Block literally leaves no coconut shells unturned. From Bonobo Sutra to erotic politics and economics, The Bonobo Way provides a delightful insight to the vital role that sex plays in achieving and maintaining peaceful egalitarian relationships through the eyes of our long-lost kissing cousins.

Kathy W

A book editor by day and glutton by night. Kathy W's favourite activities include lounging with a cup of coffee, quietly observing the nincompoop ways of this planet and penning these down in her own words. These days, she can be seen juggling between sighing in exasperation at her mon cherie and stuffing herself with crème brûlée.


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