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Marcela Cruz

Marcela Cruz

Marce Cruz from Mexico, received her bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2001 at a bilingual University at Mexico City (Universidad de las Américas). She started working in the HR area, and had a part time private practice on general psychology and career orientation. In 2005, Marce implemented kink aware therapy on the private practice services. From 2006, she started working full time as a therapist and on a project basis in the recruitment field. During the same year, she was accepted to study the Masters' degree on sexology (Part of the first generation to use the online mode) at INCISEX (Madrid). During then, she had an Internet radio program where she answered questions from the users and talk different topics and made few interviews before receiving her Masters' degree in 2008. Since 2007, Marce has worked mainly on web therapy.

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