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Claire Jayne

I have for 7 years been a full time Sex Worker and a full time published and award winning Photographer. I hold a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics, a Post Graduate Diploma in Criminology and am currently undertaking a Masters program in photography exploring the role of gender representation of women though the photographic image. The Masters will examine the extent to which many current images of sex workers reduce them to providers of the mechanics of sex , often at the price of reducing not only their humanity but also their sensuality, thus contributing to the stigma of sex work. I am currently working on a photographic essay called 'Whoretography'. The project is a serious of portraits of sex workers, and the men who use the services of sex workers. The project aims to humanise sex workers and the men who pay for sex. The will be an exhibition with an accompany website and, a fine art coffee table book. I am a Sex Worker who specifically caters to married men seeking out intimacy and long term intimate arrangements in London and New York and I am the author of the Etiquette Guide To Whoring books. My sex worker pysdenum is Claire Keeler.

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