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Adult Chat Takes On A New Life


Adult Chat Takes On A New Life

Against all odds, 2020 is a banner year for adult webcams. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, cam sites report higher volumes of traffic and new signups than ever before! As unprecedented lockdowns slowed the world’s largest economies to a grinding halt, we all experienced solidarity of loneliness and isolation. Without face-to-face interactions, people quickly took to the Internet for solutions.

Discord, Skype, Zoom, and other webcam-based video call apps facilitated everything from business meetings to weekend kickbacks to long-distance dates and everything in between. Webcams, and naturally, the Internet, suddenly became a necessity rather than an added convenience in everyone’s lives.

To be clear, the Internet has always been essential in modern life. Social media has become so entangled with our existence that we may unknowingly alienate or judge those without it, for example. We use the Internet to get directions, the news, and sometimes even a romantic partner. Dating and hooking up online isn’t new.

In fact, it’s the most popular way for people to meet right now. At some point in our adult lives, the vast majority of us will have either been in a relationship that started online, made a profile on an online dating site or app, or know at least one friend who is dating someone online. And we definitely get our entertainment–especially adult entertainment–online.

We are so used to the Internet assisting us in our normal lives that it’s almost taken for granted. Until we are forced to use it every day for pretty much everything.

As video calls became the primary way for people to connect, adult cam sites were thrust to the forefront of adult entertainment.

Adult cam sites have been on the rise for a while now, but since the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve experienced explosive success. Because everyone feels isolated at home of course, but there are several other factors playing into adult chat’s newfound Renaissance.

Lockdowns resulting from the worldwide spread of COVID-19 forced a shift in labor dynamics, especially in the US. While some governments responded to the pandemic by simply putting their economies on ice, the US stubbornly attempted to carry on, dividing its labor force into two key camps: essential and non-essential. Essential workers bore the brunt of risk, continuing their workdays, as usual, to stave off the collapse of civilization as we know it.

Meanwhile, non-essential workers’ fates were a bit more complicated. They were either relieved of their positions altogether or allowed to work from home if their job could accommodate it.

However, just because millions of jobs were eliminated, rent and utilities weren’t frozen and people still needed income to avoid untimely eviction. This decision disproportionately affected young adults, who are more likely to assume positions in the customer service industry than any other demographic.

Incidentally, they are also the most likely demographic to be living paycheck-to-paycheck. Widespread closures of bars and even the best strip clubs also left strippers and other sex workers who would normally rely on in-person interaction to move their operations online.

Thus, disenfranchised young adults turned to online sex work in droves, creating an unprecedented influx of new cam models to meet the growing need for online companionship.

Our crisis-fueled reliance on technology greatly magnifies its role in our day-to-day lives. We’re posting more, sending more, and yes, camming more than we ever have in the 21st century. Anti-technology proponents can argue all day long that technology keeps us jaded and self-centered, but through the lockdowns, we’ve learned that it does quite the opposite. It connects us.

So it’s no surprise that out of these unfortunate circumstances, adult chat is sweeping the globe as an elegant solution to our innate need for human connection and intimacy.

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