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How To Introduce Sex Dolls To Your Girlfriend

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How To Introduce Sex Dolls To Your Girlfriend

Getting your girlfriend to like sex dolls can be a bit tricky. Although they have a lot of advantages, this is a subject that one has to bring to the table cautiously. If you follow the right steps, then this will be very easy and smooth.

People perceive sex dolls differently, so this is not a shocking fact. Some love them, while others find them awkward. This way, you need to be careful when introducing sex dolls to your loved one. The following steps will help you to do it calmly and win her over.

Choose the right time

Choosing the right time to introduce sex dolls is the first thing you should do. There is no fixed time that we can say it’s the right time, but don’t do it on the first few dates with her. Conversely, do not wait for a long time because this is not something that you should be hiding from your girlfriend.

After you get to know her for some time and have had a few sex sessions, then you can bring up the topic. At this level, your girlfriend will have gained trust for you inside and outside the bedroom.

Break the ice

After choosing the best time, then the next step is breaking the ice. The best way to do this is by having some sense of humor around it. Do not go straight to the point right away but wait until when you are having a decent conversation about sex.

If you go straight to the point, you might put her off. Try breaking the ice when you are having a heated discussion about sex. Remember to be so casual by adding some humor, and she will laugh it off. Do not tense if she gets shocked as that is perfectly normal.

After breaking the ice, do not rush to show her your collection unless she asks for it.

Don’t be a freak

It’s not a bad thing to have a sex doll if you are a regular cool guy. The problem comes when you start being creepy and weird. For example, talking about your sex doll all the time, even when your girlfriend doesn’t seem to be interested.

If she asks questions, give her some short replies. Lingering too long on your sex doll is not a right way to get your girlfriend to like it. Also, make sure that your answers make the conversion fun.

Have confidence in yourself, and it won’t be hard for her to like your sex doll. Furthermore, how hard can this be for you if you dated and won her over?

If she has toys, don’t judge her

Don’t judge your girlfriend for having sex toys the same way you wouldn’t want to be judged. Sex toys make sex great, and they are awesome. Furthermore, they open us to better techniques and better experiences.

Some guys will get angry at their girlfriends just because they own sex toys. This is so wrong, and it will make it hard for her to like your sex dolls too. Also, you need to stay open to her collection, and she will easily like yours as well.

Don’t be jealous but instead help her and become a sexually aware person.

Reassure your girlfriend

You need a good reason as to why you have a sex doll. Of course this very straight forward that you want to have sex. But this reason might not be enough reason for your girlfriend.

Reassuring your girlfriend is important because you don’t want to make her feel threatened. You can tell a lie to make her satisfied. For example, it was recommended on a blog, and you got a very good deal. Remember, not to use strange reasons, try to be as realistic as possible.

You can tell her that you are super busy and you needed something better than a regular handjob to give you a quick release. Some girls will take the time to understand.

No pressure

Do not overthink it. Also, do not pressure or force her to like your sex doll. Overthinking about this whole situation too much will not do you any good. Because it may result in an awkward moment when you finally decide to break the ice.

You don’t have to worry about it as a large number of people use sex toys and dolls across the world. When this topic comes up, do your explaining and move on. Being casual is the key to making your girlfriend like your sex doll. Furthermore, everyone has that weird part of them, so you are absolutely normal. Another great way to avoid piling pressure on her is by making fun of your sex dolls because they are just dolls.

Show her your collection

This is not an easy part. Because it will be weird if she hasn’t seen one before. Also, it’s essential to wait until she asks to see the collection. Do not rush before she asks as she may not be interested.

If she hasn’t asked to see your sex doll, give her time. However, if she asks for it, then you have no other option but to show her. Do not have it dressed or connected so that it can look like it has not been used for some time.

Calling your doll by name during the first date can be awkward for her. Remember the first time you saw a sex doll? Put yourself in that same position, and things will be very easy for you when introducing your girlfriend to your sex doll.

Shop for sex dolls together

When she finally meets your doll, you can ask her to help you in customizing or shopping for more dolls. Remember that it’s her own choice whether to accept or disagree. For instance, you can ask her to help you choose clothes and some accessories. You can take an advantage of this situation and note her favorite designs so that you can buy better ones for her. This will make your girlfriend feel involved and appreciated. She will never see it as a threat as long as you keep it simple.

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