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What Is It Like Being Into Multiracial Sex?

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What Is It Like Being Into Multiracial Sex?

I view ‘sex’ as a freedom of expression. A natural interaction between two consenting and legal aged people. It can be a passionate and sensual interaction, or erotic and wild. People who choose to explore their sexuality freely (and safely), are open minded individuals that don’t let the opinions of others affect them. As I matured, my attitude and personal views about things, outside of my control, were just that…personal.

Did You Have Preconceived Thoughts About Other Races?

When it came to intimacy/sex I didn’t have any preconceived thoughts about any particular race. I grew up where discussing racial differences was not common, which fortunately made it easy for me to not become biased. Most of my life I’ve encountered the stereotypical perceptions of who and what type of person I were to be by what I looked like, how I talked and acted but it didn’t change the way I perceived others.

Benefits Of Being Multiracial

Overall, being multiracial allows me to be whomever I choose to be, sexually, because I’m not committed to any specific race or culture. I am able to act out my own unique style of beauty, attractiveness, and sexuality with ease and to be able to be myself without any restrictions. Being multiracial allows me to have different types of experiences with the different types of men that I encounter.

Which Race Has Given You The Most Positive Encounter?

The human race! In all fairness, I’ve had some pretty incredible encounters with some pretty incredible men and narrowing it down to just a specific race would be difficult to do. I’ve had encounters with men that were very passionate and sensual and then I’ve had encounters with men that were wild and spontaneous. What made them special to me was being able to connect on a mental level. We were able to laugh, talk, and discuss what made each other feel good without judgement.

Advice To Follow If You’re Into Multiracial

I would suggest that they approach the situation without any expectations and focus on who the person is as a person rather than by their race.

Keep an open mind and don’t get deterred by stereotypes and the opinions of others; develop your own perception through personal experience. What you take away from the encounter will be real because it belongs to you whether it be good or bad. Remember that every situation won’t always be the same with each individual/race.

Unique Boricua – As a multiracial woman, I pride myself on being unique. I can snuggle close and listen intently to my lover. At the same time I can accentuate him at a classy outing, and mingle among people from all walks of life. I enjoy laughing and being silly as much as being sensual and passionate. Being the type of woman I am is easy because I have chosen a life that’s as multi-dimensional as my cultural background.

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