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A Primer on the Seven Pipedream Extreme Sex Dolls

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A Primer on the Seven Pipedream Extreme Sex Dolls


Sex dolls can be very confusing for many people. After all, when you think of sex dolls, you might think of full-body dolls worth thousands of dollars, and with the advent of new technology, you may even think of dolls with their own AI personalities. Some people also find that full-body sex dolls can get a bit disconcerting; dolls haven’t gotten to the point where they can completely get rid of that uncanny valley look, which means that their faces staring back at you can put you off a bit. Pipedream Extreme sells sex dolls, but they’re definitively different than the idea in the general consciousness. Rather than giving you a full-body doll that you can treat as though it were a real person, Pipedream Extreme offers dolls that cover all the essential parts and not much else.

There are seven different Pipedream Extreme sex dolls, each catering to a different demographic. Regardless of what type of person you’re into, these dolls can definitely find a way to hit the spot — sometimes literally. The seven toys available offer a variety of options as well. Some toys are astonishingly like a real person, while others function as more of a fleshlight, albeit with a little more to enjoy. Both men and women can use Pipedream Extreme sex dolls, making them the perfect option for anyone who’s looking to do a bit more in their bedroom life. Whether you’re using it as an extremely realistic masturbation device or you’re bringing it into the bedroom with a partner, Pipedream Extreme delivers on the look and feel without making you maneuver around a life-size doll.


Are you ready for a sex doll that will really rock your world? There are a number of sex dolls out there, from cheap blow-up dolls to expensive ones that cost thousands of dollars, but Pipedream Extreme falls somewhere in the middle. Here’s your quick guide to the seven different Pipedream Extreme dolls.

Smaller Toys

Many of the Pipedream Extreme dolls just encompass the lower half. Different toys offer different experiences, and they’re all tailored toward different preferences.

Anal play is a serious fantasy for many men, and that’s what the Gape-Her masturbator caters to. It’s exclusively for anal, but instead of just giving you a masturbator, it gives you the whole picture. With its Fanta Flesh lifelike skin, it feels like a real person, and the details on the edges of the toy give it a much more realistic look than some other masturbators on the market.

If you’re not just interested in anal, but you still want a female lower half, Pipedream Extreme has two toys available: the Fuck Me Silly Bubble Butt masturbator and the Junk in tha Trunk masturbator. Both toys have two holes, so you can enjoy the different sensations of penetrative sex in the same session. With the Fuck Me Silly Bubble Butt masturbator, you’ll get an incredibly realistic bubble butt focused mainly on the round, soft feeling. At 32 pounds, it’s very sturdy and offers serious girth for you to hold onto. The Junk in tha Trunk masturbator, on the other hand, is more portable, with a perfectly rounded model that’s a bit smaller than the bubble butt.

Not everyone is invested in women’s bodies; sometimes you want to welcome a man in. The Fuck My Hard Cock masturbator gives you the same experience as the other toys, but with a cock attached for some extra fun. This toy also has anal openings, so you still have anal penetration options even if you opt for this toy.

Larger Toys

There are three full torsos that Pipedream Extreme offers — two female models and one male model. These toys extend up far further than the smaller toys, but are still entirely molded from the realistic Fanta Flesh and made to look just like the real thing. Despite their realism, they weigh only 25 pounds, so they’re easy to tuck away.

The two female models are the Fuck Me Silly 2 and the Mega Fuck Slut masturbator dolls. The main difference between the two is the measurements. Both toys measure 36DD, but the Mega Fuck Slut is much more curvy, with large, buxom hips that you can dig your nails into, and the Fuck Me Silly 2 has much more pronounced breasts. It doesn’t matter which type of body you prefer, because both models are created with realism in mind at every point. Each one has both anal and vaginal openings, and can be turned over to see the equally realistic backside.

Pipedream Extreme also has one male torso, the Fuck Me Silly Dude masturbator doll. With an eight-inch cock, anal opening, and sculpted abs, it’s an incredibly complete toy that’s just as enjoyable as either of the female models. This model is even created to make threesomes easy, so you can bring it into the bedroom without the hassle of finding someone else.

Other Toys

Although these are all of Pipedream Extreme’s sex dolls, the company also has other toys that are equally enjoyable. You can browse through inflatable seats, penis pumps, masturbators, and even general fleshlights and masturbators if you’re not interested in completely taking the plunge just yet.


Whether you’re interested in getting a large torso for ultimate satisfaction or you want to start out small with a regular masturbator, Pipedream Extreme has a range of toys that will work perfectly. Its toys even encompass all types of preferences — no matter who you’re into, you can enjoy a Pipedream Extreme sex doll. They can either be a great introduction to the world of sex dolls or the perfect thing to strive for as your ultimate sex toy.

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