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How To Have Safe & Enjoyable Anal Sex

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How To Have Safe & Enjoyable Anal Sex

It has been said that anal is the new oral as more and more people are starting to give it a try and I think that this is fabulous. One of the great things about anal is everyone has an ass so no matter your gender identity or sexuality, you can enjoy the pleasure of anal. Anal is something that I really enjoy for many reasons, other than the fact that it’s fun!

For me and my partner, anal is something we can both enjoy together no matter who’s on the giving end and who’s on the receiving. It’s something different that we can do to keep things different and interesting, especially when sex can start to feel repetitive even; in the same position, a different hole means a whole new experience for both of us!

Essential Preparation For Anal Sex

Anal is something you should never just go straight into, especially if it is your’s or your partner’s first time. This is one of the things that you need both foreplay and separate preparation to make sure you’re ready. Personally, I think at least a little foreplay should be included in all sex but it is especially important for anal as “you’re not supposed to stick things in your ass” so you need to get it relaxed and ready or you can seriously hurt yourself.

Which brings me to my second point, preparation: EVERY TIME you have anal sex you need to prepare yourself and your partner both with a very generous helping of lube, if you think you have enough then double it because you can never have too much lube! If you’re planning ahead of time to do anal or it’s something that you do regularly, you might also consider anal douching to clear everything out and make sure you’re all clean and ready for fun but it’s not 100% necessary (some may disagree and say you should always do it).

Common Anal Sex Risks

Unfortunately, anal comes with quite a few risks so it’s something you have to approach slowly and carefully. The biggest and most obvious risk is anal tearing where you rip open the tissue inside your anus or rectum which as well as being painful, can be even more dangerous if not properly taken care of, so if it happens, you should go to a doctor. (Most of the time they are small and heal on their own but you can never be too careful.)

A secondary risk, which is basically the same problem, is that whenever something enters your anus, you get what’s called microfissures which you can’t see and usually won’t even feel but are breaks in the skin which leave you susceptible to not just STI’s but also any other diseases, germs or bacteria that can find their way in.

There is also another risk that comes when you are using toys for anal sex, losing them. Unlike the vagina, toys can go much higher into the rectum and have the potential to get lost inside you if you’re not careful with them.

Tips For Safe Anal Sex

Like I already said, my biggest tip for anal sex is to drown you and your partner in lube; when it comes to anal, there is no such thing as too much lube. Start by using lube to massage the anus to help relax the muscles and get everything nice and wet, then cover whatever is going into your partner’s ass in another generous helping of lube.

There are different lubes so make sure that you use one that

1. Shouldn’t be flavored

2. Is safe to use with your toys/condom if any

3. Be VERY careful using anal numbing lube because, trust me, the work and the problem with that is if you tear or hurt yourself you might not feel it and will end up making it worse.

When it comes to toys, if you’re going to put them in your ass, you have to make sure they have a flared base (narrows and then becomes wide again at the bottom) like a buttplug and make sure it has a big enough flare.

Also, condoms while not mandatory, are a huge help whenever you’re having any kind of anal sex; they provide extra lube, reduce the risk of spreading diseases (and there is a very very very very teeny tiny chance of pregnancy if sperm goes from the anus to the vagina) and makes clean up easier for you and your toys.

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

I am a strong believer that sex should never hurt unless you want it to, unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way we hope and it can be hard to avoid pain during anal sex, especially in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean that you should expect it or suffer through it!

The anus doesn’t work the same way a vagina does so you need to treat it differently, first off being you have to work to get it ready to take something into it, especially if you are well endowed below the belt. If things hurt immediately, start to slow whatever you’re doing (no matter how into it you are) and if it still hurts, stop all together and make sure everything is alright. You might not to be able to have “anal sex” right away and may need to just work with your hands at first or look into getting an anal training set to help stretch your ass before you’re ready to actually start fucking each other.

I can’t promise that it will stop hurting or that if you follow all my tips you’ll never hurt yourself or your partner again but I can say that if you are having safe, consensual sex with open communication you will be able to make it happen a lot less often as you get used to each other’s needs and wants. This is the 21st century, we should know by now that all sex should be safe, sane, consensual and enjoyable for everyone involved and that includes not having pain during anal!

Making Anal Sex Enjoyable For First Timers

The first time that I had anal sex I wasn’t really prepared for it and even though we used lube it still hurt, a lot. To my partners’ credi,t he didn’t know at the time that I had never had anal before but that’s exactly where all my advice comes from, experience.

If you’re thinking about anal, the very first thing you need to do to make sure you enjoy it is talk to who you’re wanting to have anal with (even if it’s just minutes before the act) to make sure they are comfortable with it and know what’s going to happen; not everyone is okay with every aspect of sex and that’s okay, but it’s best to know before you pull your pants down. Keep the communication going the whole time too, just like you ideally should be doing for regular sex, to make sure your partner is still enjoying themselves and not hurt.

I know I probably sound like a broken record but I cannot stress this enough LUBE LUBE LUBE, before and during any activity that involves anal no matter how wet you think it is down there. Make sure to go very slowly, I know this can be hard when you’re in the moment and just wanna cum but every time you have anal sex, you should start with slow and shallow strokes and work you way up from there, your partner should be the one to tell you when they are ready for more.

As long as you are being safe and aware of your partner’s needs as well as your own there is no reason that both of you shouldn’t have a great time, even if it is your first!

YoungandFun21 – I am just as my name implies; young, fun and as of March 2019 I’ll finally be 21! I’m a college student, panty seller, findomme, clip maker and much more but most importantly I’m someone who really enjoys sex! I started out selling my panties when I was 18 and I have been loving taking photos, making videos and most importantly being paid to do it ever since!

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I am just as my name implies; young, fun and as of March 2019 I’ll finally be 21! I’m a college student, panty seller, findomme, clip maker and much more but most importantly I’m someone who really enjoys sex! I started out selling my panties when I was 18 and I have been loving taking photos, making videos and most importantly being paid to do it ever since!


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