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How To Enjoy Receiving Anal Sex

Sex Ed

How To Enjoy Receiving Anal Sex

I LOVE anal sex!!!  There’s nothing hotter in this world to me than feeling a hot throbbing cock deep inside my tight ass.  Everything from how it feels to the way it sounds is just totally amazing.  The dynamic of submission and power exchange from getting fucked in the ass is amazing because yes, it feels amazing but there’s also the part of you that has to be willing to submit your body to another person and open yourself up (literally) and allow someone to use your body each others’ mutual pleasure.

On top of that submission, there’s also the power that is given to you (unknowingly) because it’s my body that’s driving the other person crazy with lust as well as having the power to give another person an orgasm.  So as I said before, I fucking love anal sex.

What I Love About Anal

Aside from the dynamics of the power exchange at play during anal sex, it just simply feels amazing.  Speaking from personal experience, when a cock first enters me I feel this huge rush.  That initial feeling of fullness and the way I can feel every ridge ripple and vein rubbing the insides of my ass, the heat emanating and the hard pulsing of blood pumping through his cock, ugh, it’s so hot and sultry.

Getting your insides stretched and opened, feeling that cock as it pounds you and hits and rubs on my spot over and over again till I’m begging and pleading for it to be deeper and harder with every stroke.  So in short, anal sex is simply amazing because I was built to be a bottom, otherwise it wouldn’t be enjoyable and it also wouldn’t be the easiest way for me to achieve an orgasm.

How To Prepare For Anal Sex

First and foremost, if you are going to involve anal play, CLEAN OUT YOUR BUTT.  That means a proper enema.  (Nobody likes a brown mess…gross) It is important to realize that your ass is a muscle and like any muscle, it needs to be trained properly if you’re going to use it.  If you have never had anal sex and it’s something you want to experiment with, my suggestion is to start with your finger(s).  If it’s something you enjoy with just your fingers, then it’s time for a plug.

Start with a small one and wear it every day for as long as possible until you can have it in all day without any discomfort, then move up to a medium size plug and repeat the process.  Once you can wear a medium plug all day without any discomfort you are ready for toys.  For “straight” guys I would suggest a prostate massager.  This will feel great to start with but after awhile he will most likely want to step it up a notch. Next. I would suggest a vibrator.

After that it’s either a big dildo with a suction cup bottom or the real thing.  Now, when initiating anal sex as the bottom, it’s important to know a little bit about your anatomy back there.  So inside your dirty posey you have your rectum.  At the back of that is another sphincter type opening that leads to the colon.  When inserting something in your butt, always remember to breathe and relax back there, clenching is the enemy and will make things painful in the beginning.

Once the head is in and its comfortable, now it’s important to push (this is for the bottom not the top) and what I mean is to push like if you were trying to poop.  The reason to push is it opens up that second opening to your colon and if your top has a big and long cock, this will help get all of it inside you.  Speaking from experience, when you can get a big long cock to fill that second opening, it feels ridiculously pleasurable. Once you’re there, just enjoy it.

Making Anal Enjoyable For Yourself & Your Partner

First of all, I think it is important for me to state that I am a size queen, meaning, I LOVE BIG DICK.  Something that really stretches me out and gives me a proper gape.  Guys, if you’re one of those guys that’s complaining that girls don’t want to fuck you more than once because your cock is too big, FIND A Trans girl.  Butts are made for BIG cock.

For me, once I can establish a rhythm with my partner, I love to alternate between clenching and pushing with my anal cavity.  Usually pushing as they go in to try and get them as deep as possible and squeezing on the way out.  I love watching the looks of ecstasy on a man’s face when I do this.

However ,as the bottom, it is important to focus during sex otherwise you might end up finishing off your partner to quickly leaving yourself unsatisfied.  So concentrate on that cock, notice its hardness and remember that when it gets super hard, it’s about to cum, so if you’re not ready, maybe jump off and suck and stroke it a little until he cools off then get it back inside and continue.

Best Anal Positions

Every person is different but my personal favorites are cowgirl being number one, doggie comes in second and my third favorite is to be on with my knees pinned to my shoulders.  Each of these positions for me gives perfect unrestricted access to the deepest and most pleasurable spots and angles to my dirty posey.

Anal Tips For Beginners

One, make sure your butt is clean.  Properly train your booty to accept the real thing by practicing with toys and plugs (lube is definitely your friend).  Lastly, take your time when starting. Tops, just go slowly and get the head in to start, that’s half the battle.  Once the head is in, slowly rock back and forth inching yourself further in little by little until you’re buried to the hilt.

Watch your bottoms face and keep slowly rocking until the discomfort on their face is gone and replaced with ecstasy then go to town.  Bottoms, remember to breath and relax.  Once it’s in, remember to push, NOT CLENCH.  Anal can be stupendously fun or excruciatingly painful.  Go slow and work your way in tops.  If you’re patient, your bottom will really get into it once they’re comfortable.

Bailey Love – I am Bailey Love a transformation and feminization specialist for crossdressers and sissies.  I love my Green and Yellow and am an avid disc golfer.  I am a size queen and I love to be dominated in the bedroom.  I’ve been fully transitioned now for 5 years and I love to use my body to tease and excite.

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Bailey Love

I am Bailey Love a transformation and feminization specialist for crossdressers and sissies. I love my Green and Yellow and am an avid disc golfer. I am a size queen and I love to be dominated in the bedroom. I've been fully transitioned now for 5 years and I love to use my body to tease and excite.


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