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How To Have Anal Sex

Sex Ed

How To Have Anal Sex

Let me start by saying, I LOVE ANAL!!! (giggles).

To be honest, I did anal at a young age, my thoughts on anal were, “Well if I just let him (new guy I was dating at the time) put it in my ass then, I’m not even being a whore, he’s not getting the pussy! Haha I was totally just a whore, but I think that theory made me feel better about myself at the time, until I just said the hell with it, “You’re a whore, accept it.”

Do You Need Foreplay?

Usually I just go straight to it! Haha I’ve never done anal on camera, so it’s typically not something I plan, if someones’ fucking me I’ll just be like, hey throw it in my butt, so no time for prepping!

Anal vs Vaginal Sex

I love regular sex, but when you add anal stimulation it’s a party! Anal is just an indescribable feeling, I get off mainly from clitoral stimulation, so that plus a big cock in my butt is money!

Tips To Enjoy Anal

I often have friends (civilian friends, not porn friends) hehe say “I wanna try anal with my husband, or whoever, but it hurts I can’t do it

My advice to those people is, “Bite the bullet and do it”, it will only hurt for a minute!! Once you’re past the tip of his penis, and it’s in, you’re good to go. As I said earlier, I get off on clitoral stimulation, when you’re relaxed and stimulating yourself, while it’s going in, you will automatically almost open up, be wet, and comfortable enough to deal with the insertion from behind.

I used to stimulate myself with a Hitachi vibrator while getting penetrated from behind just to get past the uncomfortable point, and be relaxed at the same time.

Favorite Anal Sex Positions

I’d have to say now, as an adult, my favorite anal position would probably be on my back, legs over my head! I will say when I was young and started doing anal, I used to like to be on top, because it gave me all the control and if it’s uncomfortable at first, that seemed like the best way to ease into it!

Anal Is Hot!

Well for me, anal sex is hot, but I’m a DP kinda girl! Why leave a hole empty right?  I think anal is just HOT! There’s nothing like a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin, open to exploring herself sexually.

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