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Caution: May Contain Love


Caution: May Contain Love

foundersLooking to send a friend a gift because they got dumped? Molala, a Hong Kong based web store has the answer. In 2013, when they couldn’t find the right gift for a friend whose fiancé ran off her wedding planner (yes it happens and you can read the full story here), Judith Hoffman and Vene Cheng decided to take matters into their own hands and Molala was born.

Arriving at our doorstep, our little gift basket was definitely not what we had expected, which I guess proves that both Judith and Vene have hit the nail on this one. From chocolates, voodoo dolls to 750ml holding wine glasses, Molala’s products are sarcastic, light-hearted and full of surprises. Perfect to turn that frown into a smile, or the other way around for whoever’s on the other end of the voodoo doll.

With over 40 basket ideas and quality control process that involves champagne and brownies, Molala’s probably found their niche and is definitely one gift store you’d want to have at the back of your mind. Check it out today at

BASKET- Breakup_4 (Better than Sex) $225

Images courtesy of Molala
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