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Ex-Librarian and Ladies’ Pornstar Ela Darling


Ex-Librarian and Ladies’ Pornstar Ela Darling

Find out more about ladies’ pornstar Ela Darling, who shares with us how pornography can be useful and healthy in a relationship as well as the craziest place she has ever had sex.

SimplySxy:  What is your personal view on pornography?

Ela Darling:  I think pornography is a hell of a career and I love it.

Ela Darling 3 - Shawn Kennedy

SimplySxy: With the pornography very easily accessible on the internet, do you think anything should be done to control youths and children from having access to it?

Ela:  I think that the best way to protect kids from the negative effects of porn is through communication and facts.  Parents should communicate with their kids candidly about sex, consent, and how to have safe sex.  They should discuss what pornography is and explain that pornography is a form of adult entertainment that portrays a fantasy which is much different from normal sex.

SimplySxy:  How do you think pornography can be useful and healthy in a relationship?

Ela:  Partners can watch porn together to initiate sex or explore new sexual experiences they’d like to share together.  If one person has a specific sexual fetish or interest that their partner doesn’t share, they can use porn as an outlet for that sexual interest.  If one partner has a stronger sex drive, they can get sexual release from porn rather than being unfaithful to their partner.

SimplySxy:  Please share with us one tip for ladies to enjoy giving oral sex?

Ela:  If a lady doesn’t like oral sex, she shouldn’t do it.  Don’t force yourself to do sex acts that you genuinely don’t enjoy.

Ela (1 of 1)-6 by Alexander Sinclaire

SimplySxy”  Where is the craziest place you have ever had sex that was nothing to do with filming?

Ela:  Either in the middle of a field in a residential neighbourhood in Texas or in the middle of a casino in Vegas.

SimplySxy:  Which do you think is the sexiest part of your body?

Ela:  I think the sexiest part of my body is my brain.  My mind is a dirty, sexy place

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite sex position in bed?

Ela:  I like to be fucked doggy style while my partner pulls my hair and slaps my ass.

SimplySxy:  Share with us one secret to spice it up in bed with a lover?

Ela:  Explore the veritable cornucopia of kinks and fetishes and find something new that you both like that you haven’t experienced yet.

SImplySxy:  What defines a sexy woman according to you?

Ela:  To me, sexy is a smart, confident, boss ass woman who knows what she wants, who she is, and harnesses the power of sexuality to get what she wants.

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

Ela:  My fantasy is hot, rough, hair-pulling, choking, scratching, biting sex with whomever I’m currently jerking off to followed by smoking a lot of weed.

Ela Darling 4 - Shawn Kennedy

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Images courtesy of Ela Darling, Shawn Kennedy and Alexander Sinclaire

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