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Model & Actress Jade Anastasia Fox


Model & Actress Jade Anastasia Fox

I have 10, coming to 11 years of modeling experience now. It is all my family. I have always liked playing dress up with my family so I am definitely into the fashion world from a young age. I enjoy shopping with all the females in my family the most. I actually also wrote a script when I was young so chasing Hong Kong TVB dramas and my favourite TV shows definitely inspired me to play out conversations I have heard fictionally and non-fictionally!

What are some memorable projects have you been involved before?

HELO – Republic of Singapore Short Film (

Well first off, I am definitely grateful and honoured to have had the chance to play the female protagonist ‘Charlene’, and understand how it was like working as an Airforce engineer. Meaningful moments I remember are getting to know my co-actors and feel deeply the passion of these fellow comrades who worked for many years, reliving the Singapore Kampung Spirit, working with a production crew that is so deeply kind, loving and youthful. It truly is the dream team. The sunrise. It reminded me of how much earlier the crew woke up and how much later, and many days after, they stayed up to finalise this short film. It truly takes a village. It was also memorable because I met the Major who flies the Chinook that raises our flag during our annual National Anthem!

Winning the Miss World Singapore’s People’s Choice award was definitely one of the highlights of my life and Miss Beautiful Smile in the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant because of all my hard work. I find all the projects I have done for Ngee Ann Polytechnic to be significant too as I get to contribute back to a school which has given me a lot of love and support over my course of study.

Also, hosting for Swanz Hongkong by promoting their products with their CEO – in Cantonese! Oh! That is one to remember for sure!

Is there something you have always wanted to learn or do but haven’t had the time?

I thought of a lot of things but I decided to come up with learning Japanese. I say that because I feel that it is still an extremely effective language and communication tool! If one can speak Japanese, one can fully immerse in their culture and actually truly learn their innovative ways. Japan is home to most of the world’s most useful, usable and convenient creations – with Japanese, imagine all the promotional marketing I can help them translate to the world!

Do you have a strict beauty regime to look so fabulous?

Isn’t it so funny that a beauty regime is considered strict only now because the norm may no longer consists the basics – but it’s actually the basics? I say that laughing because my good male friends still announce that they wash their face with just pure water, or a cleanser! I do, and I actually do follow the steps of a fundamental beauty regime – I’d mention the Japanese skincare routine again but even they have more elaborate and detailed steps.

If you could time travel, what will you want to witness or experience?

Maybe all the million possible Marvel Cinematic Universe futures Doctor Strange saw. Then I can come back with all that info on all the equivalent (or better) masterpieces and learn more about Kang. HA!

Which 3 activities do you enjoy doing most in the city you live in?

I savour our local delicacies now with more focus on preserving our food heritage and spreading the word about it. I genuinely would want to see the younger generations not lose touch with our one and only Singaporean cuisine that is so hard to replicate in full authenticity (as with any secret recipes) all across the world. With that, I actually think I do like bringing friends around to explore enclaves filled with plenty of our well-maintained Peranakan shophouses and cool spots – both nostalgic or touristy basically! It was only recently I found out that we have fun playgrounds and super beautiful hiking trails too!

What is a funny or lame attempt a guy has tried to know you?

Hmm, I may not have experienced a super outstanding one before… Oh wait let me try! Okay so I know a guy indirectly from my mutual friends and my friends have been wanting me to chat with him for quite some time. We coincidentally met at work and I was about to introduce myself and who our mutual friends were. However, this other guy kept interrupting me, he interrupted me once when my new friend was waiting for my answer to the very first thing he said to me. Then he interrupted me a second time when I returned from the Ladies’ when I was about to answer my friend again. HAHAHA OKAY WAIT, THERE’S A THIRD, THEN HE INTERRUPTED US AGAIN when my new friend and I were walking down the stairs – when we thought we were going to have a proper conversation – but he asked me for my Instagram and asked me to follow him back.

Actually, that was when my new friend let out a super soft chuckle and I felt like, “Wow, I thought I was the only one who noticed it all.” Until now, I am still puzzled if this was an attempt a guy has tried to know me or he wants a new follower. I choose to remain puzzled about his then behaviour because I want to humbly think it’s the latter.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Jade. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Flynn Rider’s Smolder. Like, enough said. I know the standards – everyone would say oh it’s not about this and that anymore it’s the this or that all in one. BUT, THAT SMOLDER. No one has top that yet! I hope many can and show me soon!

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Images from Jade Anastasia Fox

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