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Voir Valeisky is Singapore’s hottest DOTA gamer


Voir Valeisky is Singapore’s hottest DOTA gamer

Who is Voir Valeisky?

I am from Singapore, currently a content designer for a female Dota team ASTERISK and also a freelance model. I do my own streams, run a blog and write stories as well.


What are the best perks of being a model?

Free food? HAHA. On a serious note, I think being a model helps to embody the positive thoughts that women should have. Be confident, feel sexy and embrace your power as a woman.


Your most memorable highlight or achievement so far?

Most memorable achievement was when the client of a big event I was working for came up to me and said he wishes to hire me the next time round because of my positive work attitude. There were 12 models there, but he only approached me. This motivated me to put in more effort ever since.


What’s your beauty regime like?

3 masks a week, 2 sleeping packs, always hydrate, and x2 make up removing steps. Eat lots of fruits!


Funniest thing that has happened to you?

I am a joke so funny things always happen. *injects cynical humor


Three things you can’t live without in your wardrobe?

The dress with the perfect fit to make you feel sexier, another that’s great when you have your period bump, and the last is the correct bra.


If you had the chance to join a reality TV show, which will it be?

I don’t watch TV…. But if I can star in a movie I wish to act alongside Angelina Jolie. I think she’s beautiful inside and out.

Are you more comfortable in lingerie or bikini?

I am comfortable in both. Most important is the perfect fit for your body type!


What’s your idea of a romantic date?

Ordering pizza and playing DOTA together in the room. And then a horror movie online with beer and chips.


One thing a guy can do to catch your eye is?

Make punny jokes yet not an airhead. Such humble wit turns me on.


What’s your definition of sexy?

Melting hearts whilst still fully clothed.

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