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TG Green

TG Green

Hi my name's TG GREEN! I'm a Southern American born male. I was born in rural deep south Alabama. It was an old house turned into a hospital and was on a hot July Saturday afternoon. I have green with blue eyes and white hair most of my childhood and I ate mud paddies or cakes when I was a kid. We raised animals on the farm and I ran barefooted most the time and loved to aggravate animals lol! Skipping to the early 1980's I end up getting HIV from being raped and I was so high on acid I couldn't say the safe word "STOP", so couple years later when I had gone into treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, I got tested for HIV and found out i was HIV+! I was kicked out onto the street by rehab and my mom wouldn't let me come home because of fear. But i had a good friend that let me stay with him for awhile until I found a place, This was the beginning of me fighting to stay alive with HIV for these over 30 years now. Now I'm a survivor of long-term HIV and it has been a rough road. So if you're sexually active don't become like me! Stay in control because losing control isn't the "PARTY" everyone says it is, so stay cool! Become a follower of my stuff and ask me questions! I will answer you to the best of my ability and I will be "STR8 UP" with you.

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