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Piper Lee Webb

I write very exploratory erotic short fiction--I try to push the boundaries of established kinks. My heroines are generally girls who enjoy doing things for the first time. Even if they know their own sexuality, they're always looking to push it farther, to do the crazier thing. I started out writing pure sex with little buildup. I liked shafts in holes, mouths on shafts, and holes on mouths. But as I've grown more experienced, I've realized that the parts that really turn me on occur in the buildup. That's where my ladies start to get wet and my men start to get hard. That's where my taboos are broken and the depraved sluts inside come out to play. Thank you so much for supporting independent authors. I want to thank my readers from the bottom of my heart for making this dream--this hot, sticky dream of mine--possible.


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