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Mistress Benay

Mistress Benay

Mistress Benay is an Experienced Dominatrix from Colorado who has been an Ardent Believer in Female Domination for many years. She has already established herself in the BDSM World as a successful writer with her extremely popular Female Domination Series titled "At Her Beck and Call. Mistress Benay has always been one to Practice what She Preaches, as evidenced by the fact that She conducts personal Domination Sessions with men, women, and couples who are interested in building a Female Led Relationship. She also conducts personal Dominatrix Sessions for slaves who need Training and Punishment. She has turned her real life husband into a Willing Slave who worships the ground that She walks on, and caters to all her needs. Just as She teaches in her writings and sessions, Mistress Benay has enforced male chastity upon her slave husband, and She holds the Key to the Chastity Cage he wears each day. Find out more on her personal website at

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