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Miles Striker

Miles Striker

I’m Miles Striker, an Army 25th Infantry Veteran. I got into the Adult Industry with a goal to make intense content while redefining the Male Dom and male sub genres. I’m also known as the Porn Stuntman when I leaped out of a moving car to make a movie ending look real. I’ve dabbled in just about every fetish as well as created some over the years. Mentored by a Leather Master for 5+ years before becoming a Professional Dom. I travel the country and abroad making fantasies a reality for my customers. While teaching safety and technique to those who want to learn. I also do couples counseling and “True Masculinity” support work. Toxic masculinity isn’t masculinity at all, just little boys who throw tantrums. Nominated Best Male Fetish Performer and Best Male Webcam Performer, 2018 and 2019 at the Fetish Awards.

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