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Johnny Lavish

Johnny Lavish

Currently living in Northeast England with his wife of 21 years. Johnny Lavish comes from a rich and diverse background that is reflected in his writing. His ancestors left Ireland during the potato famine in search of a better life in the US. After arriving in the US his ancestors fought in the US Civil War. About 60 years later more of his ancestors left post WWI Eastern-Europe for opportunities in the United States. In order to connect with past he spent time living, studying, and teaching in the United States. Then about 12 years ago he returns back to his home where he discovers his love of writing. His writing style takes on an international flare due to his multinational experience. Nonetheless, he prefers American English over the British style of English. Reason being American English spelling is phonetically correct and American grammar is more structured thereby making writing easier. However, he does find a lot of the time he has to correct his spelling because his spelling follows British spelling. As a result of living on two continents he tend to keep my characters generic in order to allow the reader to assign the characteristics based on their own experiences instead of him dictating to the reader the character's characteristics.

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