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Angelicka Wallows

Angelicka Wallows

Angelicka S. Wallows is a young, mysterious, and posh chic girl who likes to have good time and to live life to the max. She enjoys the outdoors, has a huge secret collection of sex toys, and loves to spread her wings and discover new horizons! She loves letting her hair down and to feel the breeze caressing her bare skin. She holds a Master in Business Administration but that doesn’t mean that she is all books!

Angelicka has a double life. She runs a hand-full of her dad’s company during daytime and manage multi-million dollar deals on a day to day basis, flying from a country to another to attend to general meetings at the different boards of their companies. At nights, she slips in her most erotic lingerie and forgets her busy day by indulging in her passion: erotica and sexy stories.

Obviously her rich family doesn’t know about it, and she definitely wants things to stay that way. They are very conservative, and she doesn’t want her dad’s competitor to use her passion to create a scandal and harm her family’s business. For that reason you will never see her full face, but she will always show you the most of herself as she possibly can! This little restriction inspired the title of this website: My Pouty Lips. she is often told that she has very sensual and sexy lips (among other things), and at least she can safely share them with you!

Angelicka has a very full sex life. She is aware that we live only once and has decided to explore the most she can in order to know what she talking about. So don’t be shocked if you see her talking openly about anal sex, threesome, BDSM or any other kinky stuff. If she writes it, she tried it! She is also opened to suggestions should you want to read about specific topics. You will just have to leave her enough time to explore it first!


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