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Online Slots vs Table Games


Online Slots vs Table Games

Table games are more player-friendly than slots bonuses, but this fact has been overlooked by today’s gambling audience that has been seduced by fun themes, flashy graphics, and the promise of progressive jackpot prizes on slots. The biggest online casino pay-out has indeed come courtesy of a slot game jackpot, but this is an extremely rare event. 

If slot games and table games were in a Mexican standoff, the public should side with table games. This is because some of these games are skill-based, and players can get rewarded for putting these skills to the test. 

Table Games: A Closer Look

Table games have a rich history and some even have origins that date back to ancient times. Many of these games have been created over time and as they have travelled the globe, each country that has encountered them has added something extra, resulting in the finished articles that will still play today.

Another positive with table games is that when they involve live dealers, true randomness comes into play. The fate of players is down to the human touch, instead of a computer microchip. 

You can put your Poker skills to good use when it is player-to-player combat at a Poker table, or you can utilize your card counting techniques at the Blackjack tables. The fact here is that table games offer gamblers the best chance of winning if they have a special talent that can be applied to the game. Slots on the other hand require no skill whatsoever, but even here some claim to know when a jackpot is about to fall. 

The Random Number Generator 

The Random Number Generator or RNG is a cause for concern for many gamblers. This is because they question the legitimacy of a computer microchip that is supposed to be able to behave on its own free will without any human interference. There are those in the gambling community that believes that these chips are pre-programmed in a way that they help balance the casino books, by giving to one player and taking from the other. The only true randomness comes from the human touch at live dealer tables. 

Slots: A Closer Look 

Despite all the negatives against slots it isn’t hard to see why they are so popular. They offer fast and unpredictable gambling action. So much so that the UK Gambling Commission has enforced new laws to try and slow down slot spinning. This means the quick spin feature, and the auto spin function is slowly being phased out. 

The appeal of slots is that anybody can play them, and no experience is needed, as they are straightforward to understand once the spinning commences. Slots can also be played for tiny amounts of cash, and they suit all budgets. Bonus rounds are thrilling too, and this is the main reason why people play these games in the first place. 

Final thoughts 

For the serious gambler, table games are the main draw, especially those that are skill-based or can have a system applied to them, such as Poker and Blackjack. For those that are in it for some mindless fun and escapism, then the obvious choice of gambling entertainment is slot games.

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