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Can Maths Help When You Are Playing Online Slot Games


Can Maths Help When You Are Playing Online Slot Games

If you are curious about whether your knowledge in mathematics can help you win while playing an online slot game like Agent Jane Blonde Returns, this is just the perfect article for you to read. We will be discussing how you can use your maths knowledge to your advantage in an online slot.

Maths Around Return to Player Percentage

Understanding the mathematical trick around RTP will go a long way to determine your success in an online slot game.

  • Casinos have a mathematical side to them when it comes to the Return To Player percentage; it is important because it shows how much of your bet can be won back. Irrespective of the type of slot game, either online or land-based, they all make use of maths.
  • If you want to increase your win, you must opt for games with the best Return To Player rate. Peradventure if you decide to play a game with an RTP of 95 compared to one of 98, there is a higher risk that you will lose all the money you stake.

The Connection between Maths and Speed in Gambling

Irrespective of the type of game you play in an online casino, you must understand that it is the same when you also play it live. However, there might be a slight difference in the rules and neglecting the difference may be costly.

If you decide to play 500 hands of blackjack at a table with the same rules, it will give the same result. But, when playing online, you are likely to make far more wagers given the same amount of time if you are playing live. In other words, you tend to stake more money at an online casino than when you are playing a live casino game. The more money you stake, the more you are going to lose. This is simple arithmetic that online casino game players do not often take cognizance of.

Using Maths to Play Online Blackjack

You can use maths when playing most online games, and online blackjack is not different. There are two ways maths can be useful in playing online blackjack. The first step is to determine how the maths of possible rules changes the RTP. Some of the rules of blackjack make the RTP higher, and some blackjack rules make it lower. As a result of this, you have to find out and play the games that the rules make the RTP higher.

The other important way you can make use of maths in blackjack is by using strategy. The strategy relies on how you make playing hand decisions. If you make a good decision, it boosts your return, but the effect is also felt in return when you make a bad decision.


Having a mathematical knowledge of online slot games will help you make informed decisions that will boost your winning. If you have never considered maths before in playing an online slot, start doing so now.

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