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Brand Ambassador & Vlogger Joanna Gregorio


Brand Ambassador & Vlogger Joanna Gregorio

I am honored to be featured at SimplySxy.  Hi Everyone I’m Joanna Gregorio, but most people call me “Jow”. I am 18 years old and currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Some people think that I am “mataray” but little they did not know, I am really a shy-type of person at first but crazy and talkative when you already know me, but my attitude also depends on the person I’m comfortable with.

I am a Brand Ambassador of some local brands and also I do vlogging but I temporarily stopped it due to my busy days. In my spare time, I love to take photoshoots to practice my photography skills. I also do some Tiktok videos and sometimes create different makeup looks. One more thing about me is that my hobbies are eating while watching movies ft. rainy days, reading some wattpad books, and writing a story and poem. I also sing but I am not that good hehe.

In the future, I dream of becoming a doctor someday. Ever since I was young, this is the job that I really want to become. I think my main source of inspiration to pursue this career comes from an innate desire to help people and find great satisfaction in providing care to people who need medical attention. I am also a person who thrives on being challenged and I always have new goals to achieve, so it will perfectly suit me.

What is your fashion style and where do you draw your inspiration from?

My fashion style actually depends on my mood. They are really a unique combination of fashion categories like trendy, vintage, chic, aesthetic but most of the time I am that kind of “hubadera” person when it comes to wearing clothes. I don’t know why but I feel more comfortable and sexy, at the same time it helps me to build my self-confidence. One of my favorites and inspiration in fashion style are Kendall Jenner and Zeinab Harake, both of them have a different fashion taste and I really love how they slay on their looks and style.

Which 3 fashion or beauty accessories are a must have in your collection?

The top 3 that I must have in my collection are necklaces, I look more elegant when I am wearing a necklace. Lipstick/Lip Tint, it can instantly brighten up my face and looks especially when I look pale sometimes. Lastly is perfume, I am the kind of person that can’t leave without having a perfume, because for me it is very important not only to look good but also to smell fragrant.

How will you describe a typical day for yourself?

When I wake up, I fixed away my bed and prepare myself for the day. I start my day assisting and helping my younger brother on his modules and online class and then after that, I do some household chores. During a typical work week, one of my biggest tasks is accomplishing all of my school requirements. I spend most of my time attending my online class. I also spend a few hours each day studying and reviewing our lectures.

A lot more of college is spent doing work than I expected. Although I have a lot of free time, I have to manage it wisely to balance the workload from all of my classes.  However, much of the rest of the time is for me to have fun, doing some activities that will relax myself. In reality, It can be difficult to prioritize and stop procrastinating when you feel like you have so much time to do what you need to do.

 A typical college day can include a lot of time not spent in class, but that doesn’t mean that the time is not spent working. But, that’s not to say that there isn’t time for what you enjoy either! Managing your time is the most important part of college, and the most important to success.

What do you love doing in the city you live in?

I really love to go shopping, walking, and travelling. I also love the city itself. Because the culture of the people, we relate well with each other.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but have yet to find the time for it?

If there’s something that I’ve always wanted to learn, is to play some musical instruments like drums, piano, and guitar. As of now, I am still practicing my skills on playing the guitar and piano, and I really want to enhance my skills for it but because of my busy schedule, I have no time to practice.

What incredible life hack do you know that is invaluable to you?

I don’t know if I am the only one who is doing this, but let me share with you guys some hacks that I’ve learned. If you like to apply mascara, try to apply petroleum jelly to your eyelashes before putting on mascara or mix petroleum jelly with mascara so that the mascara fits better when applied to the eyelashes and it won’t just spread. This hack is very simple but it is very effective for me plus it also helps our eyelashes lengthen quickly.

What do you not get about guys?

The thing that I don’t get about guys is when they are with the right person and they are given all the efforts, love and care they want but they can’t be satisfied and they are still able to cheat.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Joanna. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

For me being SEXY has no weight limit, sexy means to be yourself, and you don’t need to be accepted by others.

Being sexy and beautiful at the same time is being true to what you say, what you do, and who you are.  As a woman, I am sexy for my femininity and the intuition that only females possess.  As women, we should not place ourselves in competition but embrace our differences for we are ALL beautiful and sexy.

I define myself SEXY because I find the courage to love myself even amidst criticism and doubt. I have always struggled with body image issues, whether it’s my oily skin, my belly fats, and my hairy skin…. it’s always there, because they are part of me. I can say this – I am confidently SEXY because I allow love to rule me.

To my dearest girls out there, don’t let others hold you back from being yourself. Don’t let others’ opinions scare you into being someone else. Instead choose to be you, flaws and all. To be able to be yourself is inspiring, beautiful and sexy, because you are putting yourself out there (without fear).

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