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Content Creator, Model & Brand Ambassador Franchesca Maryein Espinas


Content Creator, Model & Brand Ambassador Franchesca Maryein Espinas

Hi I’m Franchesca Maryein Espinas! I am currently a graduating Communication Arts major in the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. At the age of 21, I am currently the CEO of a transportation and real estate corporation located in Manila, Philippines. I started young in the business because I knew that my heart belonged to it. I enjoy working with them a lot and developing good relationships without noticing the workload.

In my spare time, I am a content creator, model and brand ambassador to certain brands like Shopee, Ponds, Rebisco, Carefree and Silka. To be honest, I am astounded that a company like SimplySxy contacted me to conduct this interview. As a neophyte in the industry, I knew that being part of this interview is a huge privilege for me to share my knowledge and capabilities through my platform.

In the later part, I aspire to be a criminal lawyer that is of service with the Filipino people. Justice in modern times is not easily sought. I wanted to become someone that uses her platform for the betterment of the community.

What inspires your fashion style and where do you love to shop from?

The fashion style that I have is more of a modern chic style with the touch of an alluring accent. The femine side of me brings out my personality that loves anything pink, pastel and glitter. At the same time, I enjoy being posh through the branded items I choose in order for an outfit to stand out with class. My style icon is Heart Evangelista which is the darling of the Philippines. She incorporates her modern day look with a designer item that easily captivates the eye of the public.

Also, I prefer heels more than flats to accentuate my style better. I shop at H&M and Zara because of their loath recyclable trends. Zara’s wardrobe is built around hero pieces, and trend items that are cheap and transient. It is a formula that works for more frugal customers like myself.

How much of a foodie are you and what are your favorites?

I am currently on an Intermittent Diet that is within the 20:4 scale but within the eating window, I usually go for anything dipped with vinegar or cheese. I love takoyaki and egg waffles if it is a cheat day. Thus, I could say I am a foodie. I have a refined interest in international cuisine and I like trying new flavors.

Recently, I have indulged in Mexican cuisine because the spices really captivate the whole meal. Once a guy captured my taste, It really caught my interest for I knew we would delve into the same taste.

What hobbies or interests are you into?

Besides the hectic schedule that I have, I enjoy buying properties at an early age. I invest into lifelong properties that do not depreciate in the market. Recently, I just bought a house of my own or maybe for the future haha! Kidding aside, investments drawn into land is always a win because every year there is an increased land value depicted by the market.

And as a normal young adult, I like to go out and shop at the leading retail malls in the Philippines. It is exciting to go to trendy places and get some photo shoots that are easily posted all over my social media. I am a very active social media user and I share the products and services I encounter most often.

Do you believe in any superstition?

My family believes that superstitions exist because my ancestors lived in the province. They often say that superstitions have been shown to promote a positive mental attitude. Although they can lead to irrational decisions, such as trusting in the merits of good luck and destiny rather than sound decision making.

I personally don’t believe in its existence but believe that we make our own destiny and future. It is only an effective motivation which is a basic desire to exert control over one’s environment. When no natural cause can explain a situation, attributing an event to a superstitious cause gives people some sense of control and ability to predict what will happen in their environment.

Are there any quotes or mottos you like to use regularly?

There is only one quote I live my life into and that is, “A woman remains to be unstoppable after she realizes she deserves the best”. It connotes that a woman will overcome everything that is meant to destroy her.

Growing up, there has always been an implication that women have limitations. But, I would like to negate that ideology and change it to be a girl with a mind, a woman with an attitude and a lady with class.

If you could learn anything in this world, what would it be?

Aside from the aspiration I have to be a lawyer, I want to learn how to use protective range weapons in order to protect myself and my family. There is this connotation that women can’t shoot or aim for the right target and I want to defy that existing norm. Growing up, I always admired people who protect the marginalized and the voiceless. They give me chills whenever they save people in danger. The knowledge that will learn regarding the protective gears will be used for the better good and not to cause harm alone.

What do you not get about guys?

One thing that I don’t get about guys is that they already have the ideal or close to perfect girl, they tend to mess up or cheat. These instances cause women to develop a barrier or trust issues into the red flag acts that they committed. Lately, I realized that finding the perfect gem (partner) is not that easy. So when the time comes that the perfect girl arrives, remember to give her all the love and attention she needs and make her feel that she is the only girl in your life.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Franchesca. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

The ins and outs of what makes a person attractive is a topic that virtually everyone has spent a great deal of time thinking about – it would be safe to say that it only stops being at the forefront of the average person’s mind after that person has finally decided to settle down and withdraw from the dating scene. I could say that smart is the new sexy.

Someone who’s able to blow your mind by picking your brain can be so much more attractive than someone who obsesses over their appearance. They keep your interest by evoking yours. Intelligent people have so many layers to them, so it takes time to get to know them. But one thing is guaranteed: peeling away those layers will leave you wanting more.

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I am going to have a collaboration with M.C Portraits and Events, Ryan Ayong Photography, Jhe-cka Haute Coutture and Make-up and Beautyloft Salon. I’ll also be endorsing products from Overflow Clothing, Progreso Apparel Co., Beauty’ N Glam, Shanelux Cosmetics, Everyday Glam Manila, Ylier Fashion PH, Binibini Jewelry, Glaesilegur Glow PH, Putti PH, and Aparelle PH. Also, I will upload a feature in my Instagram about this interview! So, stay tuned on my social media accounts! Thank you and God bless us all <3

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