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Blogger & Beauty Enthusiast Lee Yu Qing


Blogger & Beauty Enthusiast Lee Yu Qing

Hello! My name is Lee Yu Qing. I am currently studying in the NUS Business School where I am specializing in Marketing and doing a minor in New Media and Communications.

A fun fact is that I participated in the #Ecobeautysquadsg contest organised by the Face Shop where I was one of the semi-finalists!

I am someone who lives by the vision of wanting to make a difference in others’ lives, which is why I volunteer actively. I used to be from the Girl Guides and it was compulsory for us to fulfil a certain number of volunteering hours. The most memorable volunteering event was when we were made to clean an old lady’s house. Even though it was challenging to tidy up her house, the smile on her face after her house was cleaner is something that I’ll never forget. It kind of inspired me to continue volunteering! I enjoy interacting with others and it makes me happy to bring joy to others’ lives. I get to work together with an array of beneficiaries, such as patients from the Institute of Mental Health, elderly, children with disabilities, ex-convicts. You get to learn from their life stories!

I hope to continue bringing happiness to the people around me in every way that I can – hopefully I’ll get to work in the beauty industry in future or do something that I can make a difference in others’ lives!

How will you describe your fashion style?

It’s not the best, you can say I’m pretty basic and kinda girly 🙂

I like wearing crop tops, high waist shorts and slip-ons. I usually buy clothes from blogshops such as Lovet, Mikayla, Young Hungry Free, The Tinsel Rack and these days, I’ve been buying my slip-ons from Sundaystaples. I usually go for colours like black, white, nude, pastels like pink … The usual basics!

I do enjoy wearing dresses and rompers as well but I’m so small that certain clothes tend to be huge on me.

Are there any beauty products that you can’t live without?

Yes yes yes~ My favourite beauty products are all from 3CE! You guys should check out the their OVERTAKE Eyeshadow Palette, Cloud Lip Tint, Blurring Liquid Lip, Mood Recipe Matte Lip Colour and blushes! Oops. I literally mentioned everything….

I also love Etude House’s Better-Lips Talk Range and Clinique Cheek Pop. Not to forget, Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser and Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash~ I went to the extreme of drawing them, oops!

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Definitely watching Korean dramas on Netflix and basically chilling with my friends! Beyond that, I also enjoy learning more about beauty products be it through YouTube or blogs, even though my friends all know that I don’t really put on that much makeup 🙂

I guess it’s the idea of how beauty products can bring greater confidence to both men and women to do things beyond their comfort zone that motivates me to learn more about beauty products. The beauty community is full of people who want to share about their favourite products in the hopes that someone else will be able to experience how “life-changing” that product is too!

My interest in beauty actually inspired me to come up with some beauty illustrations using procreate! Lately, I am interested in learning Korean and the various Adobe softwares. I’ll probably start soon!

If you could change one thing about the world, what will it be?

I would want the world to be a kinder place where there’s no suffering and poverty. The world is full of judgmental people – you can do 9 things right and 1 thing wrong but people will only look at the 1 mistake you make. In the end, we’re all just human isn’t it? We need to learn to be more forgiving. I also hope for the world to have no suffering and poverty because people should be given the chance to live life happily as unrealistic as it sounds!

Have you been in an embarrassing situation before that is funny now when looking back?

Not really 😛

What flavor best describes you?

Mango, because I’m sweet like mango and everyone likes mango! Haha joking about the everyone likes me part, it’s impossible to have everyone like me isn’t it xD

What do you not get about guys?

Well, there are a couple of thirsty and desperate black sheeps who think it is okay to objectify women and can’t take no for an answer… I don’t know where their brain went, maybe in the toilet bowl??? But not all guys are like that.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Yu Qing. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexiness is confidence and bravery to me. I think having the courage to be yourself, to be fearless, to be a confident and brave woman who will always do what she wants and do what’s right. That’s being sexy.

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Upcoming Works: I’m doing collaborations with Gaston Luga, Koreaganda and Kose Cosmeportsg as my upcoming posts. Past few ones I’ve done lately are with BaseofSweden, The Face Shop, K-Palette, Ezbuy, Forest Beauty and Macqueza.

Images courtesy of Lee Yu Qing

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