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How I Have Adapted My Music Career During Covid


How I Have Adapted My Music Career During Covid

I have been amazing, taking this time to reflect on myself and pinpoint exactly what my goals are for the near and far future. Before Covid hit, I was initially supposed to be on tour in as a runway model for the clothing line Masion De Couture. As that is on pause, I’ve been focusing on my music and dropped my single “Roll Up” which is now quite poplar on TikTok. 

The Challenges of Covid

As much as this pandemic caught me off guard, I accepted that this is what it is and put my full trust in God as he has bigger plans for all of us. A challenge I faced was accepting within that I may not be accomplishing as much as I’m used to but being okay with that and remembering that everyone is experiencing the same thing.

How I Have Adapted During Covid

I adapted to the changes in my life by focusing all of my good energy into my work such as improving on my vocals, etc. This pandemic gave me a time to sit back which ultimately motivated me to work that much harder towards achieving excellence. 

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to model for Rockstar Energy Drinks which was an amazing experience. I am also so excited for everyone to hear a song that I’ve been working on with Young Stitch and Serani. 

Plans For My Career After Covid

Once this pandemic is over, I am excited to film the music videos for my songs and get back to doing photo shoots on the regular. Leading the industry in achievements and continuing to set the bar for the next generation coming up behind me. 

Riley Sawyer – Toronto artist, superstar actress, model and influencer

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Riley Sawyer

Toronto artist, superstar actress, model and influencer, Riley Sawyer.


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