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Emcee & Host Amanda Andrea From Kuala Lumpur


Emcee & Host Amanda Andrea From Kuala Lumpur

I’m your city girl from KL! Studied locally but worked in New Zealand for quite a number of years. In New Zealand, I started presenting for a fintech company I worked for in New Zealand. That branched out to other small opportunities which include pitching, creating presentations and presenting on other companies behalf.

As of now, I’m focused on my career as a professional emcee for all sorts of events from casual, formal to corporate. I’ve also been blessed with the opportunity this year to host for Bio Oil and I absolutely love hosting, so hopefully this year will continue to bring in more opportunities for that! Little gigs on the side include reviewing sponsored products or services on social media and attending events as well.

Non-work related fun facts:

I work out regularly (minimum 4x a week),

I love salsa dancing (though I’m a complete amateur),

I can play the piano,

And I love to cook!

How did you get started into being an emcee?

I got started with encouragement and support from a good friend and mentor, Slyde. He encouraged me quite early on back in the days when I first started out in the freelance industry as a part time model. I used to be ridiculously shy when I was first given the opportunity to emcee at a wedding and had no idea how to shake off the stage fright.

Other than Slyde, I did actually have a few other people who had asked if I emceed when I hadn’t even started out just yet. I guess it’s because I had no problems chatting up a storm with an absolute stranger and loved making new friends. Speaking into a mic with all eyes on me was foreign and intimidating at that time, and I had never expected to be as comfortable with a mic as I am today.

What do you love about being an emcee and is it a lot harder than it looks?

I love making an impact at every event. I absolutely love hosting events where crowd interactions are mandatory! I love everything there is to love about being an emcee, our responsibilities and the role we play. We’re the face of the event through good and bad, we control the flow of the event, we have to be quick on our feet to cover up for any hiccups at an event, we bring attention to the right people at the right time and heck, sometimes we’re considered as part of the entertainment as well!

In all honesty; it doesn’t technically get easier, you just get better. You learn from mistakes, you learn to improvise, you learn new tricks to engage with the audience. The first few times may be nerve wrecking! But these things take time, the courage to fail and learn, and most importantly the desire to host.

Which is a memorable or unforgettable event you have done before?

I love this question, thank you for asking me this! The most memorable event I hosted for, would be the World Cup finals last year at One Utama. There was quite a big crowd, and also lots and lots of freebies that were provided by the event’s very generous sponsors. It is unfortunate that I never got the video of my funny antics but I remember coming up with an idea to get the crowd really hyped up. There were about at least 30 people that were pretty much ‘in my face’ and I told them to scream the loudest at me while I closed my eyes and threw the freebie in my hand, towards the direction of the person that screamed the loudest.

It was absolute fun and I used that trick over and over again at my other events during crowd interactions. It was one of the best emcee moments that I’ve had, where I was able to garner the focus of so many people at the same time and be so interactive with them. I absolutely loved that moment. From then on, I replicated the situations throughout my other events that allowed for me to do so.

Your IG has quite a lot of great quotes. Do you have any quotes or mottos that you always use regularly?

I’ve decided to design my IG in a way where you see a consistent pattern of quotes and photos. Some photos that are posted immediately after the quotes bring significant meaning to the quotes itself. There are two of my favourite quotes that I have not yet posted, but will be posting eventually.

Throw me to the wolves, and I’ll return leading the pack.”

She needed a hero, so she became one”.

These are both very strong quotes on thriving on your own, being pushed to the depths where you are caught in distress but still being able to come out right on top. Despite the incredible support system of a loving partner, family and friends; I still sincerely live by these two mottos day by day.

Where have you always wanted to travel to but have yet to find the time for it?

This is more of a financial issue rather than timing! But most definitely JAPAN! They say, if you can afford Europe it doesn’t mean you can afford Japan, but if you can afford Japan you can definitely afford Europe. At least that’s what I’ve been told. I absolutely love Japanese food, am intrigued about their culture and have fallen in love with the sakura blossoms before I’ve ever met them.

When I travel to Japan, I will not be skimping at all. I will pamper myself lavishly from street food to Michelin star restaurants. I will taste their outlandishly overpriced fruits that were carefully taken care of and I will most definitely hunt for the best Wagyu and Otoro out there. Just responding to this is having my head and tummy go into a frenzy!

If you could learn anything, what will it be?

If I could learn anything and be really good at it as well, it would be martial arts. And I’m trying to get into that direction too! Have just started going to some kickboxing classes too! On a ‘softer note’, I would also love to be able to play the violin. There’s something so elegant but somehow badass about being able to play the violin!

Is there something you can never get enough of?

I have pillows, bed sheets and lingerie obsession. I have about 15 pillows in my living room, and 6 on my bed (2 large pillows). I absolutely love Egyptian cotton sheets, silk sheets (or pillow sheets at least-those babies are expensive!) and bamboo sheets too. I particularly love lace and silk and I get overwhelmed with beautiful long robes. I simply adore the robes and silk dresses from the Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard movie “Allied”.

I never seem to have enough of these!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Amanda. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

To put it simply, being sexy is being confident. If you’re in the most beautiful silk and lace lingerie with that gorgeous hair all made up but somehow feel insecure and unsure; that will render that confident girl in that t-shirt and jeans way sexier than you. Overconfidence isn’t sexy, there was to be a right amount of confidence and a little attitude all while being humble about it too. That will make you ooze in sexiness and elegance too. Being sexy is being confident, believing in yourself, knowing that you are beautiful. Sexy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude.

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