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What It’s Like To Date A Black Man (from A White Woman’s Perspective)


What It’s Like To Date A Black Man (from A White Woman’s Perspective)

I grew up in a semi-small town in Missouri where interracial dating was non-existent. If it did exist, it would have been discouraged, if not attacked outright. I dated white guys simply because it was what girls were supposed to do. But, I always had an attraction to Black men. My white boyfriends seemed to always carry some racist attitudes which in a way, made me even more curious.

Of course, a teenage girl hears the rumors about Black men. That peaks our interest as well. Interracial dating is like an entirely different ballgame. It’s different. It has challenges because racism is still very prevalent, especially among white males who despise the competition. But, interracial dating is like joining a very elite club. Couples support one another and strangers very often ask me about it. Other women seem very curious and ask me about it.

Why I Find Black Men Attractive

I started dating white boys when I was 14. I dated four of them before I had enough. My best friend, who is white, knew I had an attraction to Black men, so she pushed me to go on a double date with her. She dated a Black man and set me up with her boyfriend’s friend who was also Black. I was 21.

There are always exceptions with Black men, like anything else. Not everything I find attractive about Black men is not found in EVERY Black man. But, I have always found a Black man’s style to be attractive. His swag. Black men have a classy, sexy style that’s very alluring to a white woman. Black men naturally have a dominant presence. I love dark Black men. Their dark skin is very masculine especially next to my fair skin. The contrast is alluring. Black men typically have a stronger physical stature. I find that powerful and very attractive.

And yes, typically Black men are bigger down there. I love a Black man’s penis and the way he uses it. Black men are better in bed. They have more stamina and they’re very uninhibited and passionate. Their style and swag; their physical makeup; their minds and attitude. Their “Blackness” is very sexy.

My Experience Of Interracial Dating

It’s generally very positive and exciting. There is still a lot of racism though. It seems mostly to come from white boys. But, other white women are very supportive. When I go out with my boyfriend, other girls often pull me aside and ask me what it’s like to be with a Black man. It used to embarrass me. But, I’m used to it now. I tell them the truth, “it’s amazing!”

Is Interracial Dating More Open In Recent Years?

It’s growing. Everyone knows that. Even racist white boys see that it’s becoming more and more prevalent. I think society is opening up to it because popular opinion is shaping that. Interracial resources are everywhere. In popular culture, interracial can be found out in the open. In the adult entertainment circles, interracial is among the top three most viewed search, behind “girl-girl” and “hardcore”.

Sites like,, and are proof that interracial sex is hot and growing. The occasional resistance we get is pretty much reduced to angry white boys who don’t approve of the way things are going.

Tips For White Women Who Want To Date Black Men

Do it! There’s no time like right now! Don’t let friends or family frighten you or hold you back. Go with your gut and satisfy your attraction. It’s not “weird”; it’s not “wrong”. Society’s acceptance is growing; now is a great time to try it. If you can double date, that will calm some of the anxiety we face going into it for the first time.

We’re strong and we can make up our own minds. If it’s what you want, you have the right to do it. If you’re just wanting to try it for the sex, go for it. No one has to know about what you do in your private life. “Don’t die wondering” is what my best friend told me when she introduced me to my first Black man.

Differences Between Black Men & White Men

Again, there are no absolutes. Not every Black man is this-way and not every white boy is that-way. But, from a general perspective I will say that there are some major differences. The penis is the one thing that comes up most often. Typically Black men are bigger. Not just in length but also in girth. Black men seem to hold an erection a lot longer which goes well with their stamina.

The sex with a Black man is uninhibited and passionate. A Black man typically likes to please us before he pleases himself, which is very refreshing! There are a lot of physical and mental differences between Black men and white boys, most of which I went over previously.

Would You Date A White Man After Being With A Black Man?

Personally, no. I know that some women might go back and forth between black and white. But, I’m very satisfied with Black men. Not to mention, I’m more attracted to the style of a Black man. I don’t find white boys attractive.

Andrea Dillinger – American made 25 year old scorpio with a taste for dark chocolate.

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Andrea Dillinger

American made 25 year old scorpio with a taste for dark chocolate.


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