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What Does The Future Hold For The Sex Work Industry?

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What Does The Future Hold For The Sex Work Industry?

Sex work is the oldest profession for a reason. Early on, we humans realized that in order for civilization to be civilized, it’s base compulsions and behaviors needed an ordered focus. Enter religion, arena sports and sex work. Brothels were some of the most successful businesses’ and prostitutes were property owners and political leaders in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

They (pun intended) had their finger in every aspect of the daily life of their community. I am proud to be a part of this industry! I believe the modern provider has the opportunity to be just as influential as their ancient counterparts.

What The Industry Was Like Pre-Covid

I started in the industry before the internet when advertising was done on the Sunday sports page, back pages of free weekly’s (yes that’s why and where Backpage started) and in the phone book. The internet changed everything. It expedited the process of finding and booking quality encounters. It also made it easier to communicate with other providers and patrons in real time. The information exchange was crucial to safety, discretion and independence.

The biggest change began during FOSTA/SESTA and has been exacerbated by the pandemic scare. It’s widen the divide between everybody. Our industry feels sometimes like a deserted island. However, services like cashapp and venmo are game changers and have made it easier and safer between client and provider exchanges. Now, the independent provider has the opportunity to do what third party platforms like webcamming could only provide. It’s exciting because it broadens your reach and opportunities from small local and touring markets to world wide possibilities.

How Covid Has Changed The Industry

Initially it was scary because overnight, the world was shut down. I am also a bartender in the French Quarter and we had no notice or time to prepare. We were affected weeks before everybody else. If it were not for our resourcefulness that NOLA’s always been about when it comes to helping each other, I’ve no idea what I and my co-workers and other friends in the hospitality industry would have done.

I started a Gofundme that first week because even my Mom thought I was overreacting. We had ZERO money coming in and most of us are hand to mouth and paid under the table. My patrons and fellow bartenders came through with online money immediately. The very first and now largest relief efforts outside of that help has been provided by the FQ hospitality industry. During the stay at home order, the worse thing really was the BOREDOM. Everybody felt that.

Adapting To The New Norm

I’ve started things like the Gofundme I mentioned earlier to honestly guilt some people into understanding service work of any sort cannot be addressed with a 9-5 mentality generally, but especially in a crisis. I’ve begun to use the online cash exchanges and concentrated on building my brand in a more online intensive direction.

I just launched my ONLYFANS page and am amazed at the response. The change feels great! After all, the concern is for our health and wealth, and we are poised to turn the corner stronger as people and providers deciding what’s right for us.

Shaping The Future Of Sex Work

Online services and branding in social media expanding beyond where it is now. We had a fight with navigating the debacle that was FOSTA/SESTA especially and the government and law enforcement response. As a member of ESPU and SWOP, our challenge is to educate everyone on why working together is the only way to move forward. There simply is no other choice.

There has been a disturbing misogynistic trend with a lot of the online sites and businesses’ that ‘cater to the provider. Everything changed instantly. None of the sites that protected us still exist. It’s trial and error. It can be disheartening and defeating. We are more exposed to abuse and violence than ever before with less recourse. That’s what’s exciting and a relief about online services. You’re more independent and are removed from the possibilities of the ‘worse case scenarios.’ It still doesn’t solve the issues we face and will continue to until the work is decriminalized. That has little chance of happening when we are up against a government that is out of touch.

The National Council On Women’s Health which passes laws governing what we are allowed to do with our physical bodies as women has ZERO women sitting on it. Until that type of inequity changes, we are fucked as a country and a world. Pandemic or no.

Advice For Future Sex Workers

Be smart. Never rush into anything. Develop your persona and image. The consistency with how you look and book will affect your revenue. There is no magic solution but if you treat the business as such and realize how much fun you can have while making sometimes in an hour what most make in a week, it will be hard to have a civilian job ever again. However, NEVER lose sight that no matter what, your safety and peace of mind are more valuable than any amount of money. Scared money never wins.

Jodi Jonez – I am a New Orleans premier mature companion. Southern born and bred showing you a good time’s in my DNA! LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULER!

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Article images courtesy of Jodi Jonez, featured image by Ikon Republik from Pexels

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Jodi Jonez

I am New Orleans premier mature companion. Southern born & bred showing you a good time's in my DNA! LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULER!


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