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What It Takes To Be A Vlogger & Actor


What It Takes To Be A Vlogger & Actor

Acting has always been my safe place, it is where I can fully express myself. I can say that acting is my passion.

Getting Started Into Acting

Ever since when I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of being on TV secretly but in order to do that I know I had to finish my studies first. So after finishing college, I pursued acting workshops in ABS-CBN and I also took one on a different channel from a director on GMA-7 and that’s how it all began. After finishing my workshop from Direk, she started to push me so hard. And took my first TV role and the rest followed.

Was Vlogging A Natural Thing To Move Into?

Honestly, I never really moved into it because I still do acting while vlogging. It is just another great platform wherein you’d be able to show what you can do, talents that you can perform, people you can inspire and a lot more.

Challenges I Face

Maybe the only challenge is when you see that your views are going down. Because that is how it will affect the revenue, statistics, brand deals and a lot more. And you started to doubt yourself and that’s how it will be messed up. And my advice to overcome it is to let it pass.

IT HAPPENS, all the time and not just to you but also to the other YouTubers. Let it pass, take a breathe and think again… maybe you needed another new content, maybe the time and date of posting is not the right moment. Just don’t give up. And remember why you started it.

My Typical Video Creating Process

That’s a good question. So to be honest, I’m only using my phone when editing my videos. I used Imovie for that. And for special effects or sound effects, I just Google it. Then for uploading, I just use the YouTube app or Safari for a classic mode.

Julianne Uy Soriano – I am an actor and vlogger from Philippines!

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