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What To Know About Coerced Bi


What To Know About Coerced Bi

I grew up wanting to be a therapist or get into psychology somehow. When I discovered my own kinks and fetishes blossoming in early adulthood I realized that sex and psychology go hand in hand. I wanted to learn more, even if the fetishes didn’t get me off personally. Fetishes fascinate me! From talking to many kinky people I’ve surmised that sex work and me becoming a dominatrix was my calling.

Being able to express your sexual side without fear of shame or guilt is, in it’s own ways, a type of therapy. No way am I saying it’s a substitute for therapy with a real licensed professional. But I believe if kinks/fetishes have a safe space to blossom, grow and be expressed, then that’s a good route to take for balancing one’s life.

Why I Specialise In The Coerced-Bi Fetish

Coerced-Bi is the notion that the viewer is by all intents and purposes “Straight”. The Domme or lead participator in this fetish “convinces” the viewer/sub that they are in fact Bisexual or leaning on the Gay side. The Domme/Lead can play around in many ways with this. Often times, a strap-on with dildo is presented to “train” the participator/sub into liking and servicing men with dicks. The participator who is perceived Straight is mesmerized into the idea by the Domme/Lead using their feminine aura to “trick” them into liking the other gender.

The Domme/Lead can focus on parts of them that society generally views as “Female”. Breast play, pussy tease and denial all while brandishing a huge cock is meant to “confuse” the participator and convince them over time and “Training” that they are meant to be Bisexual or Gay. The entire fetish plays on a “forced” vibe where the sub/viewer feels they are being coerced into this.

I feel that this is my specialty because I actually get off to this whole idea that “no man is straight”. I’ve had many play partners and paying fetishists on and offline indulge me in this. From catering to this fetish for about five years I feel that I’ve spoken and played with all types of men who enjoy this fetish. I’ve even had some privately tell me that this fetish helped them actually “come out of the closet” and acknowledge their own sexuality and not be afraid to express it. That alone is why I keep doing this.

It’s hot making men suck cock. But it’s meaningful when they actually tell me it helped them become who they are in their “Real” offline lives.

Common Misinterpretations Of Coerced-Bi?

People get offended by everything now a days. Mostly kink shamers who don’t understand. And as we know, how humans react with fear, is hate. Misunderstandings lead to shame and guilt ridden comments. But it’s all lack of knowledge or experience in my opinion. Some people don’t like the word “forced ” but rest assured, if you paid me for a session, I respect what words you do and don’t like. But if its just a baited comment, I ignore.

The fetish revolves around this “Forced” or “Coerced” feel. That’s what gets the men off. If it doesn’t get you off, keep it pushing. I don’t have that mindset because if I don’t personally like something, I keep it moving. Who are we to judge one another? Likes don’t have moral value and everyone has a different morals code. Live and let live and don’t knock it till ya try it!

Favorite Coerced-Bi Activities & What They Involve

I really love strap-on play. When filming, I angle the camera down-looking-up so the viewer feels they are on their knees. I love having men beg to suck my cock and then I make them beg to go service a real man. Some men get off to the idea of being “pimped out” and I admit, I get off to that too.

It’s all about power and control and taking away one’s power and control. The sub/viewer puts immense trust in me and that lights my soul on fire. I love playing around with this fetish any chance I get. I love bringing a fantasy to life and I pride myself on my fetish fun custom videos!

How To Prepare Yourself For A Coerced-Bi Session

Buy a clip or five first to see my style and how I approach this fetish. Come with an open mind and we will flow perfectly. I respect and acknowledge all likes/dislikes, safe words, limits and turn ons/turn offs. Communication is KEY so tell me when you’re enjoying something or when something isn’t what pleasures you.

I am strictly online only. I do NOT offer real time. I detest entitled men so come with respect. I do not barter and I dislike someone who tries to haggle me. Other than that, let’s have kinky fun!!!

Goddess Asari – Ebony Domination. The Queen of Tease. Lewd, Crude and Tattooed. Alpha Female. Ethereal Goddess and Vixen. Heart-Breaker, Cock-destroyer and Sissy-Maker.

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Goddess Asari

Ebony Domination. The Queen of Tease. Lewd, Crude and Tattooed. Alpha Female. Ethereal Goddess and Vixen. Heart-Breaker, Cock-destroyer and Sissy-Maker.


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