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Personal Trainer & Research Scientist, Dr. Carlotta Peters


Personal Trainer & Research Scientist, Dr. Carlotta Peters

I currently reside in St Louis, Mo. I’m originally from Guyana, South America. I migrated to the US in 2004 to pursue graduate studies and have earned a certificate in Biotechnology, Masters in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. In 2013, I opened The Simple Fit Life Personal Training Studio and have helped hundreds transform their lives.

Was the area of health and fitness something that you had interest in since you were a child?

Yes. growing up I was bullied for being skinny; so bodybuilding always intrigued me.

Which common reasons or excuses do you often hear from those who don’t exercise?

I don’t have time

How is your workout regime like typically?

I strength train 6 times per week and perform cardio 6 times a week. Sunday is my rest day.

Is there any food or drink you don’t take?

No food is off limit, however my diet mainly consists of nutrient dense whole foods. I reserve alcohol for special occasions; typically I do not drink.

If you had the opportunity to learn anything in this world, what will it be?

How to swim.

Do you have any other hobbies and interests?

Reading and bedazzling competition bikinis. I have a company called Ice Bikinis.

What do you not get about the opposite sex?

Why they like to play games. This is also applicable to grown folks of both gender.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Carlotta. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Sexy is being comfortable in your own skin and really stepping into your power unapologetically.

Thank you for considering me for this interview.

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