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How To Enjoy Solo Anal Play With Toys

Sex Ed

How To Enjoy Solo Anal Play With Toys

Masturbation is one of the most important aspects of life for both our health and sanity. I do not know about other people, but sometimes I cannot focus on things until I masturbate. If I don’t cum, I will get nothing done! Not only does it provide us with great self pleasure, but it relieves stress and helps us sleep as well.

I also think masturbation is wicked important because you need to discover what works for you sexually. If you don’t masturbate, you will not know what turns you on or makes you orgasm. I began masturbating probably when I was about nine years old, so I have always been aware of what my body enjoys. This awareness allows us to guide our partners during sex. I also think masturbation makes us more sexually confident as well. Masturbation should never be shamed.

Why I Love Solo Anal Play

Solo anal play is extremely enjoyable because of all the nerve endings that are in your asshole…it creates enormous amounts of sensations. The sliding in, and the full feeling of my asshole being stuffed with a toy brings me to another level – a Heavenly level.

Also, I think the “taboo” nature of anal play makes it extra hot. It is like the “forbidden” zone. My pussy gets wet just thinking about anal play or anal sex. Another thing I love is the challenge. I get off on the challenge of fitting different toys and different size objects in my ass.

Best Toys For Anal Play

I have a couple toy boxes and they contain lots of anal toys! I mostly use plugs, so I can start smaller, stretch it out, and move onto bigger plugs and toys. I love the base at the end of plugs. They stay in your butthole so you can be hands free! Being handsfree is awesome for when I DP myself. I love to have both holes filled at once. That feeling of being double-stuffed is so off the charts that I don’t even have words to describe it! Sometimes I even wear a plug when I am just going about my day – cleaning, doing errands, etc. It’s like a naughty secret that makes my pussy wet all day long.

I also love my weighted Ben Wa balls. My favorite ones are attached to each other with a string, so there is no risk of losing them inside you. The weight puts pressure in my hole that feels so erotic to me. I also like that I can see them move around when I tug on the string. Plugs and balls are my favorite because when I push them out, I squirt fountains!

Anal beads are great too. They add extra pleasure when you pull them out as you are cumming.

Tips For Beginners

I would highly suggest starting small and working your way up to bigger toys. There are starter anal kits that come with three different sized plugs so you can work your way up.

Get yourself super horny first. I like to watch porn before I play with my ass and run a vibrator on my clit.

Lots of lube is important. I suggest water based so you do not end up with any infections (it always seems to make its way to your pussy). If it is difficult or painful, add more lube!

Starting out with just your fingers is a nice way to begin stretching out as well. You can keep adding in fingers and work your way up to a toy.

Ways To Kink Up Anal Play

Sexy lingerie and slutty outfits definitely make anal play hotter for me. I love dressing up, and the sexier I feel, the hornier I am! I also like to challenge myself to take on different size toys, and even food and objects. I’m really into pushing toys, objects, and food out of my asshole.

I mentioned before that it makes me squirt, plus I love the way it looks and feels. Watching myself or other girls push things out of their ass makes me go gaga. I’ve always found anal play with food to be super-hot! Strawberries, gummy bears, whip cream; you name it and I will shove it in my hole and push it out! Random objects are fun too. I put an entire remote control in my asshole and pushed it out once!

Madison Masque –  A masked beauty that is here for your viewing and stroking pleasure. Madison is a bi-sexual adult fetish model and companion that loves to squirt and make your fantasies come true. For booking, contact



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Madison Masque

A masked beauty that is here for your viewing and stroking pleasure. Madison is a bi-sexual adult fetish model and companion that loves to squirt and make your fantasies come true. For booking, contact


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