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My New World Order


My New World Order

Am I dreaming?

God created men from a bone. But he haven’t seen coming. Are we in a wonderful imaginary world where women dictate rules and are uncontested Goddesses? Where men are some devoted servants? Women understood how strong they are. Especially Lady Eve! Goddess Lady Eve.

Pray for mercy!

Welcome Femocracy!

Three weeks have passed since I’ve been found in a trash dunk half-naked, handcuffed and hysterically laughing. The police asked me for details unable to understand why I was, me a financial counsellor, looking like some sort of homeless weirdo smelling of urine a mile around.

Neither me. But I knew that I survived to Lady Eve’s sexual treatments. In fact, the more I thought about what happened to me, the higher my passion for her Authority grew to a point of unbearable sexual attirance. I needed her more, more and more.

Every man dreams of being able to serve a Goddess. Is that a fetish? A subconscious anti- human evolution? But this Lady is Goddess.

I tried to contact her to renew my servile fetish experience. Emails, phones to the office where I was working for three years. Nothing. A Dead-end. Expecting something from Her was not in her plans I guess.


Two days ago, she granted me with a meeting in a café downtown.

This is it! Happy to arrive well in advance for the rendezvous, I sit down at a table waiting. Five minutes, fifteen more. Half-an hour!

Suddenly, the door opens. I hear the voices of women, but above all I hear the sound of heels that trample the floor with a firm step. I see three wonderful women coming. Two are girls who will be in their twenties, while you are in the middle. You are wonderful.

A Goddess among the goddesses wearing a black leather coat. Below, you can see a knee-skirt and black high-heeled boots. You take off your sunglasses and look me straight in the eye. You easily spotted your prey. Without you saying anything, I jump to my feet and take you a chair to make you comfortable.

I can finally hear your wonderful voice, “Well, don’t you offer us anything to drink?

I immediately run to the waiter to get three coffees. I am very excited and that’s why I act like an idiot. Saying to myself, “I gave you the honour of meeting me because you owned me a lot of money since you screwed up the negotiations for this big contract with the Russians.

What do you think you are up to it, bitch? »

I would do anything for you, my Goddess!” I answered.

Then you look at me smiling, “It is very easy to put it into words! Get on your knees here, in front of everyone. Thanks for the opportunity I gave you and kiss my boots!

My man’s nature wouldn’t accept that kind of degradation in public spaces. In a secluded area or room, nice! Here? Fuck no! I resist.

The girls stand up, taking my head down to the floor. So noisy that people turn around and look at us. Force me to kneel at your feet, begin to kiss your boots, I try to resist. Students, workers, clients in the café look at us intrigued.

With a glance you draw the attention of your young assistants, who start to trample my hands with the heels of their sandals. I noticed that both wear open sandals, with black nail polish on the toes. Is that time to to have an erection here I thought to myself ? Fuck no! Containing my toes fetish.

I begin to cry out in pain. You look at me angry and cover my mouth with the tip of the boot. With a Dominatrix look you tell me, “This is the least pain you will feel to pay back your dues.”

The girls increase the pressure on my hands and I, with a tear of pain running down my face, ask for mercy. I see that you take off your coat, remaining with a beautiful black dress that pays tribute to your wonderful body. So you order me to lick the other boot, from heel to toe.

To do this, you change the position of your legs, crossing them slowly. Hypnotized by the view, I can’t help looking up slightly to see this gesture of yours. I can’t help looking at your calves, knees, thighs…

And what I seem to see is Heaven. I haven’t seen very well, but from the bare thigh, I haven’t been able to see your panties. I get lost in this thought.

You notice it! But I go back to earth when your assistants change their legs and start to crush my hands with their heels harder. As I almost cry in pain, I finally convince myself to tell you that I am willing to do anything to make you happy. I tell you I will do whatever I am ordered by you and your assistants. That I’m lucky for this opportunity and I won’t miss it. That I am willing to lick your feet and sandals whenever you want.

You say to me, “For now it can be enough.” Whoever followed the whole scene, in the café are smiling. Shame! But the sexual power of this woman is so addictive.

So you get up, while your assistants help you put your coat back on. My hands hurt, I look at you from the bottom up like the Goddess you are, with admiration and devotion.

If I feel like it, they will contact you on my behalf!” So you start walking to the door and leave me there on my knees.

Instinctively, I ask, “Excuse me, Miss! But are you wearing panties?”

You stop and your assistants seem stone. I immediately realize my huge mistake! Why did I do it, I wonder? I was just thinking it loud, I mustn’t say it. It was stronger than me. I start to despair, to be so impudent, but I don’t have the courage to say anything. A few seconds passes, but it feels like hours. Or even that time has stopped?

You turn your head, look at me and take off your glasses. You say, with a grin on my face, “In your opinion?” So after, putting your glasses back on and go.

«Prenez-le jusqu’à la toilette des femmes. Traitement numéro 9 pour que cette salope comprenne bien les règles».

Your assistants take me by the arms strongly, push me straight to the back of the café, open the ladies’s room doors, unzipped my fly, start playing my cock, stroking it fast with their leathered-hand gloves.

My God, if you exist, help me.” I hear the sound of heels outside the room, the door opens, two ladies wishing to go inside. The other assistant blocks them with a smile saying that the room will be ready in less than three minutes. I try to resist, “Do not cum! Do not cum! Do not cum.” The pleasure is so intense, my rock-hard cock is bigger that normal. This woman knows how to play with my balls, the sensitive nerves of my dick are turning blue of excitement, squeezing the head of my cock hard and gently at the same time. An experienced hand jerking the hell out of my manhood. Pre-cum glistening. Try to resist. More pre-cum. resist! Resist control! Control…

I cum so hard with a noisy growl of unbearable shame of pleasure. The woman is pointing my dick to the clean floor. Strong jets floods it with my sperm. Then, she rubs the head of my dick on the ceramic to make sure every drops of cum is covering it.

I lasted three minutes. They knew how long I could’ve supported the this guilty treatment. Three minutes. Hell! Not more!

The other women take a sharpie and write:

I’m the guy sitting at the table next to the door drinking a Cappuccino. I jerked my dick and came here on the floor. I loved it. Do you like ladies to see my cum covering your public room? Let me know.

The two women take me out of the room, buy me a Cappuccino and force me to sit at the table.

You must stay here. For half an hour! If you go… You don’t want to know the consequences.”

…and I’m alone again!

The ladies’ room door open, two women are walking to my table…

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