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My Experiences From Sex Work

Sex Ed

My Experiences From Sex Work

Sex is one of the fundamental elements to the human experience; it is, without question, one of the most intimate and vital aspects of life. The idea of “sex work” is not new, it has been called “the world’s oldest profession” and not without cause. Sex has been utilised as a service and commodity since biblical times.

Sexuality and the promise of sex has been used by advertisers to pitch sales for everything from vacuum cleaners to cheeseburgers and the trade of actual sex acts for compensation is really no more a moral misstep than featuring a pretty model in a bikini laying across a shiny Corvette at a car show to interest buyers.

At the end of every argument, for or against sex work, remains the fact that it is a provided service and product for use and consumption just like any other in the free market. And it beats the hell out of a desk job!

I got started in sex work by answering an ad for “adult models.” I was already working in a gentlemen’s club, so the idea of expanding the arena of adult work was natural. I started nude modeling and soon began working as a Companion/Escort. I am now working in adult film.

The Experiences I’ve Enjoyed In Sex Work

What I find amazing about sex work is that there is always a unique aspect to each interaction. A laugh, a smile, a touch…never quite the same despite the fact that the physical acts tend to become “commonplace.” That is not meant to imply that the acts themselves are mechanical or unenjoyable, but only that there is only so much one can feature on a menu!

I have had a couple of experiences that were special, in a way, each unique to the client. I am a people-pleaser by nature and when I know I have been able to provide something enjoyable to a client I’m pleased, as well. One specific encounter was with an elderly gentleman who was a widower. For him, he enjoyed the company and conversation as much as the physical acts.

Sex work can often include an emotional need for a client as much as a physical desire. And it is immensely satisfying to make another person feel good!

Worst Things That Can Happen To A Sex Worker

One of the worst things that can happen to a sex worker, indeed anyone, really, is assualt. It is a real danger in the realm of the adult industry. Workers do not always have additional security present and independent workers, even when stringently screening potential clients, are at risk because one never truly knows who might be on the other side of the door.

That is obviously a worst-case-scenario aspect of the work, but another downside is regular clients can often blur the line between professional provider and personal life. This is problematic on various levels. And as in any other job there is the occasional ” rude customer,” the ill-tempered malcontent who either complains, haggles or is just simply mean-spirited.

The upside to being a sex worker over a typical “employee”, however, is that sex workers can give someone the boot or just Black List them. The girl working a shift at the local coffee house or the customer service desk at a department store does not have that option.

Strange Requests I’ve Gotten

Most filming scenarios and client requests have been fairly standard (if there is such a thing in this industry), but I’ve had a few “off color” requests in the past. Foot fetish requests are nothing new, but one gentleman requested the exact shade of polish he wanted my toenails to be painted as well as the color of heels he wanted me to wear.

Another request was a general Dom/Sub scenario but the client wanted to berate me with names, etc. and have me repeat back to him what he said. It seemed awkward at first, but he enjoyed it. The worst request I ever received actually occurred in my private dating life and was, without doubt, the most uncomfortable and creepy request I’ve ever had. I will not go into grisly detail but divulge that the request involved a “stranger rape” type of scenario (he described a fully developed and detailed fantasy for me); needless to say, I drew my line firmly in the sand and the idea of dating this individual was immediately dismissed, as was he.

I am all for individuals playing out fantasies, exorcising a dark demon or two, but this situation raised flags for me and I couldn’t help but suspect that the line between role-play and reality was nearly invisible for this person.

Ava Stark – “Sweet submissive” My secret philosophy…a connoisseur of Scotch, Sass and all things Sensually Sinful!

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Images courtesy of Ava Stark; featured image by Ikon Republik from Pexels

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Ava Stark

Ava Stark, “sweet submissive” My secret philosophy...a connoisseur of Scotch, Sass and all things Sensually Sinful!


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