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Why Is Hiring An Escort Popular?

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Why Is Hiring An Escort Popular?

Even as a small girl I have always dreamed of living a luxurious life, fantasized about entering high society, living a life that is far from average. After having realized that I cannot find personal fulfillment in civil relationships, yet I was craving male attention and missed dating, I decided to become a high-end escort.

Providing companionship, being kind, compassionate, talkative and feminine is in my blood – catering to gentlemen has been the most exciting thing I’ve ever done.

Increase In Popularity Of Hiring An Escort

The escort industry is a booming practice, and one that probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon. That’s because as casual dating is becoming more and more common, there’s a demand for a non-judgmental environment and a level of intimacy that is experienced during an escort meeting.

Advantages Of Hiring An Escort

The biggest advantage of hiring a professional escort is being able to get what you want, a lady of your fantasies, without playing games.

Escort women are honest about wanting financial gains from a relationship, therefore they often appreciate materialistic gestures more like being spoiled with flowers, fragrance, designer bags or a dream vacation. Many times, clients experience a connection with an escort that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Paid companionship removes the obstacles involved with dating and it is very likely that you’ll get immediate physical gratification. In an environment where both parties can be whoever they wanna be, people are also more likely to discover new things about their sexuality. Many ex models, TV presenters enter the industry, so generally speaking hiring escorts, you have an opportunity to meet the most beautiful, intelligent, friendliest ladies in society.
Hiring an escort for a dinner date or a cozy meeting in your home might ease a difficult period in one’s life such as a death of a beloved friend, work issues or divorce.

What To Know Before Hiring An Escort

There are many ways one can meet a high class escort. It can happen in a hotel lobby or online. Providers can work independently, running their own business or at an escort agency. If you want to make sure that 100% of your donation goes to the girl and you want to communicate with your chosen lady, get to know her personally through a voice call or email. I suggest going for independent companions.

Meeting an escort is just like meeting any other person, mutual respect and good communication are the way to go. It’s important to read the courtesan’s website to get to know her services, rates and hopefully herself, too. Contact can happen through SMS, email or via filling out the booking form. Many ladies consider their safety their priority so you may need to provide verification information such as reference from previous providers, LinkedIn profile or employment info.

When a gentleman is financially invested in the meeting, he tends to value our time more, so for longer engagements, deposits might be necessary. I highly suggest looking at the provider’s social media too, to make sure she’s genuine. Plus you may find a few natural unedited selfies there, too… 🙂

Rules A Client Must Follow

Being a gentleman is the most important thing. Try to arrive on time or if you are late, let her know! Give her the donation in an unsealed envelope in the first minutes of the date. If you are very satisfied but don’t have cash to tip her, ordering an Uber is a lovely way to show her your gratitude.

Hygiene is crucial. Just like she goes to the hairdresser and beauty therapist, you need to prepare for the rendezvous, too.

Wash yourself and shave the areas that you want to be kissed. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, your tongue and use mouthwash.

It’s a good idea to bring your own condom if you have a preferred, trusted brand for your size and comfort.
Consent is extremely sexy. Not all providers are comfortable with everything so maybe whisper in her ears during the session, “Do you want me to …?” When asked so nicely, the answer is probably going to be positive.

And most importantly, don’t forget to have plenty of fun! 🙂

Jadranka White – My name is Jadranka. I’m a high-end companion based in Budapest, Hungary available for international affairs with advanced notice. I’m a very selective freckled blonde bombshell who’s interested in fine dining, healthy life, politics and traveling.

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Jadranka White

My name is Jadranka. I'm a high-end companion based in Budapest, Hungary available for international affairs with advanced notice. I'm a very selective freckled blonde bombshell who's interested in fine dining, healthy life, politics and traveling.


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