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The Challenges Of Sex Work

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The Challenges Of Sex Work

I love sex work, every aspect of it! The freedom and financial stability it can bring. The fact that anyone can do it, if they please. It does have its downsides and opens you to different risks. It does make me sad that a lot of people don’t see sex work as real work and see that we too have rights. I find my job very financially and emotionally rewarding.

How I Got Started Into Sex Work

I got started into sex work at 18. I started exotic dancing. I had a friend that traveled to the Virgin Islands just to dance and was doing pretty well financially from it. So I decided that I could do it too! So I made plans to spend my summer break working.

Day one, I realized I could not. The energy, strength and stamina to keep up from 9pm-5am was not for me. I probably worked in the club for 2/3 days. The other girls in the club were super nice, helpful and supportive. I told the manager of the club how I felt and explained my interest towards escorting instead. Which I then began to do through him. The first client I had was a duo with my friend, which we basically hung out because he was too drugged up for anything. The second client I had became my sugar daddy and I had the best and worst summer of my life with him.

Was The Industry What I Expected?

I did extensive research on all areas of sex work before joining so I had a rough idea of what to expect, emphasis on rough. The reality was way harder. It takes a lot to find your area, then to build a brand and find out what works for you, how to balance civilian life and self-care. SEX WORK IS WORK. No matter what field you may be in. You are your own boss, accountant, marketing, public relations, security and production team.

Challenges I Faced As A Sex Worker

As the US is was not my primary home, I only visited to work. It made it harder to maintain some of my client relations versus me living here and being available. I would be home and getting so many emails if I was back yet or if I was available for some exciting opportunities. As of November, New York will be my primary residence. I am eager for this new step in my life as it wasn’t pre planned but a window that became visible after my 21st birthday in October and I took the leap. I plan to combat my homesickness with dinner dates and my hobbies such as archery.

How I Hope The Industry Can Change

I hope for the decriminalization. This will cut the risk and stigma associated with our field. Most importantly to keep sex workers safe by now having the resources to be able to report violence against us.

Jessica Beharry – Caribbean raised, independent escort found in Manhattan, New York. An archer, food lover, the quintessential dream girl, your exotic girlfriend.

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Jessica Beharry

Caribbean raised, independent escort found in Manhattan, New York. An archer, food lover, the quintessential dream girl, your exotic girlfriend.


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