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How To Be A Successful Mature Escort

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How To Be A Successful Mature Escort

I believe our individual sexuality is a gift, something to be cherished and embraced.  I see sex work as an opportunity for those who want to fully and freely enjoy their sexuality and preferences without the strings of a conventional relationship.

Whether they are denied that gift through circumstance, repression, opportunity or personal lack of self confidence in the dating world.  The recently divorced male for whom another relationship would be too soon. A widowed gentleman, still in his sexual prime. An executive too busy for the hassle of dating. A handicapped guy who might never find an intimate partner.  The cross dresser who is not allowed to express that side of himself at home. There’s always been a need in society for our services and I see myself as a facilitator to allow my client friend’s intimate desires, fantasies and fetishes to be realized.

How I Got Into Escorting

Frankly, an inadequate income in high end commissioned sales. I’d been in the “lifestyle” and a nudist for several years, married and than as a single woman. Highly sexual and comfortable in my sexuality.  By chance, I saw an ad in the Tampa newspaper looking for classy women for upscale lingerie modeling.

I was offered the “night shift.”  From 6-10ish each evening after my day job. All the daytime spots were filled.  I called and asked, “Would you be interested in a mature woman for the position?”  The reply was absolutely and I wore a beautiful silk suit to the interview. Underneath a low black top, black stockings and gorgeous black stiletto heels.

The manager of the shop was a stunning young woman.  We discussed my background and she said, “I like your look.  When can you begin?

The next Monday was my debut night.  No training in how to work, no idea or opportunity to screen the gent if he came through the outer door.  A dangerous part of the city. On my own, I decided to offer something more upscale. I carted in crystal glasses, Perrier, my own music, candles and an elegant wardrobe.

My first client that evening resulted in a profit of $100.  When money is tight, that is a big deal. But even more importantly, I absolutely loved what I was doing. I felt I’d found my calling.

To shorten this, I stayed three weeks, the management thrilled that I was making money for them during the slowest hours.  Jealousy amongst the daytime girls set in and it was time for me to go. Lies were spread. Thankfully, I had met the sales manager of the local adult magazine and he directed me to the world of internet escorting. I did my research and three weeks later, my first ad appeared on Eros. A month later, I resigned from my sales position and the rest of this joyous adventure began.

What It’s Like Being A Mature Escort

It’s enjoyable and it’s becoming more and more common.  Some of the top escorts in the world are older women. I get a kick out of being the age I am and being attractive to men of all ages and backgrounds.  I’ve visited all over the US, the UK and Ireland. It’s allowed me opportunities I’d never have experienced in my previous life. And….it keeps ME young.

Advantages Of Being A Mature Escort

It’s my observation that we attract a different type of client.  One who appreciates a keen intellect, the social ease one achieves from living life, the sexual experience and comfort with herself, rather than only a perfect body and face. I feel we attract the more thoughtful type of gentleman, no matter his age.

What Does It Take To Be Successful In This Competitive Industry?

There’s no doubt it’s highly competitive but I feel the key to success is to be authentically unique and to build your brand upon that uniqueness.  Obviously, you must take good care of yourself and your appearance but be happy about who you are.

And like any other successful business, offer consistent exemplary service. If you treat your customer like a king, you’ll always be a queen. It costs nothing to be kind. In the end, everyone wants to be treated with respect and kindness.

Advice For Clients Before Engaging A Mature Escort

That she most certainly knows her own mind so treat her with respect and read her website before you contact her. Being a gentlemen is the key to a wonderful experience.

Anneke Van Buren -A little bit older, a whole lot wiser. Ageless beauty, exceptional skills, a warm heart and a lusty soul. One of whom you will say, “How did she know?” Your mature lover, fetish goddess, sensual domina and confidant with no strings.

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Anneke Van Buren

A little bit older, a whole lot wiser. Ageless beauty, exceptional skills, a warm heart and a lusty soul. One of whom you will say, "How did she know?" Your mature lover, fetish goddess, sensual domina and confidant with no strings.


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