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How To Have Taboo Mom Roleplay

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How To Have Taboo Mom Roleplay

Obviously I love sex. I have always been a sexual person without acting on it until later in life though. It is just a beautiful thing and can change your life in many many different ways.

The Appeal Behind Taboo Mom Roleplay

A mother’s love is something that we as humans crave and for some of us, our mom is the first person that we have ever loved. Mommy roleplay is certainly not black and white when it comes to why this is so popular. There are various reasons as to why a person fancies mommy roleplay. I know many submissive females who enjoy a “daddy” who is able to to take care of them and fuck them good. I think men are wanting the same thing, a “mommy” to care for them and also to fuck them good. This is very sexy power exchange dynamics.

It is the same as with video games as it enables us to experience fantasies without acting on them in real life. I personally like this roleplay because that is just how I am wired, taboo can range from soothing bed scenes with lots of whispering to hardcore dominance and rough sex. I am naturally a very nurturing person, I enjoy starting as the sweet prude mom and escalating to full blown sex-crazed. I think there is something very sexy about that progression.

For some reason, mommy dirty talk comes very naturally to me. My mommy fans like it when I am a mommy with a filthy vulgar mouth.

Preparing For Taboo Mom Roleplay

I go over my script prior to filming and rehearse as I do my hair / makeup. I try and really channel and prepare my role. I like to really deliver a story within my videos.

How A Typical Taboo Mom Roleplay Session Goes

It is most important I believe to try and catch the essence of the script. Does he want to dominate the mother, does he want to feel safe and catered to? And what does that mean for the mood of the video, will the camera have to be super up close to me or would a different angle work better? If there is no customer script I try and just shoot what I feel like my customers COULD like.

There are many trigger words within this roleplay. It is mostly me either having a moral dilemma / self conflict within myself and it progresses to me then needing nothing but my sons cock. Mommy roleplay is also very centered around breast play. From experience, most orgasm to “mommy riding the sons cock and my boobs bouncing up and down” part.

Misconception About Taboo Mom Roleplay

That every person is then secretly in love with their own mother, I think it is more about what a mother in general represents: security, shelter, closeness.

Tips To Try It Out

Get a feeling for what exactly it is that turns the partner on about it and how you can enhance the experience for the both of you. There are many different layers to this roleplay. Communicate throughout as much as you can. Porn is not real life sex. There is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as it is ethical and consensual let the roleplay bring you as far as your heart desires. Don’t be embarrassed to include the word “mommy” in your dirty talk 😉

Annabelle Rogers – Classy gal with a dirty mouth. “The Meryl Streep” of taboo. Camgirl, content creator and Snapchat model.

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Annabelle Rogers

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