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Australian Model Grace Hann


Australian Model Grace Hann

My proudest achievement would definitely be buying and training up my horse Allegro! I’ve had her for over 4 years now. When I bought her I knew nothing about horses, I just really wanted one!! I taught myself how to ride and now work full time educating and breaking in horses!

What inspired you to be a model?

My inspirations definitely come from my icons and roll models. Although most of my roll models had or have a lot of flaws, I feel like that’s what I have in common with them! Marilyn Monroe is for sure one of my biggest inspos!

Which is your most memorable photoshoot or modeling experience?

My most memorable photoshoot would have to be shooting with an American photographer in Bali! The black sand and the lux feel was just something very special! In saying so, there have been so many amazing shoots I absolutely enjoy them all!!!

How will you describe a typical day like for yourself?

Not glamorous at all!!!!!

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but have yet to find the time for it?

Honestly I can’t say that there is something that I haven’t done that haven’t had the time for as when an opportunity comes along and is worth it I will always take it!! I do have minor regrets not going to Maxim Magazines Super Bowl Party though. I was invited to go but the weather over there was -40 degrees and over here in Aus it was around 40 degrees and summer time so I didn’t go because I don’t like the cold!!!

If you could time travel, where will you go and like to experience or witness?

I would go back to the 1920’s. I feel like I would be the ultimate gangster. I know that kinda sounds really bad but I’ve always been super obsessed with that point in history! I would love to go back and be just a bad ass chick and rock the best fur, red lip and pearls!

What is the funniest or lamest attempt a guy has tried to know you?

Omg there has been quite a few whack jobs but I can honestly say when a guy got my number and wouldn’t stop messaging me. I blocked the number and he somehow messaged me off different numbers, one of them was 911 (which I found quite hilarious).

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Grace. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I would definitely sexy as someone who has a lot of confidence and personality! They would have to be an absolute laugh as nothing is more attractive than humour!

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