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Ways To Explore Domination


Ways To Explore Domination

My personal view towards kink is that it’s healthy, natural, and fun.  Kink is a journey of perpetual self-discovery and exploration.  It’s a constructive way to delve into the complicated twists of your psyche, experience, and sexuality; while finding meaningful ways to connect with other people.

Why I Love Domination

I love the power that is created and shared between dominant and submissive.  It’s almost like a magical dance with all participants sharing the created energy.  The dominant getting to feel the control of steering the session and the submissive getting to explore their personal sexual boundaries.  I really get off on making kinky people’s darkest dreams come to life.

Favorite Domination Activities

I love to do just about everything, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d say the psychological side of domination.  While manacles and other bondage have their joys, the mind is the sexiest weapon in anyone’s arsenal.  I love sissification/crossdressing, pet training and roleplay.

Common Misconceptions About Domination

The one that seems to appear often is that Dominants are always mean.  When you really look into the real traits of a Dominant, they’re those of a truly nurturing figure.  It’s one of the reasons I love to play “Dommy-Mommy” roles. Mother figures are the first true Dominant figures in our lives, but their true character is someone who lets us explore our world in safety.

Tips To Explore Kink & Domination

Education is vital.  Learn as much as you can about kink first, as it lets you play without the risk of physical, mental or emotional harm.  Most major cities will have at least one group where you can be educated and build your experience.  Kink is much like every other aspect of our lives; knowledge is power.

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Larkin Love

SFW Twitter of adult star & fetish expert


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