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Singapore Pianist & Blogger Winnie Chua


Singapore Pianist & Blogger Winnie Chua

Thank you for featuring me on SimplySxy! I’m a 19 years old pianist and blogger from Singapore. I’ve just completed my A levels in Singapore and that means I can finally commit myself entirely to music. I will be going to the Royal College of Music in London this year to pursue my lifelong career as a pianist! I’ve received so many comments from people around me, telling me how I don’t sound or look like a classical musician at all.

That’s because although I learn and play classical music mostly from the 16th-19th century, I am not “classical” at all. I love to keep up with modern fashion and beauty trends, blog about controversial topics and share bits of my world with my Instagram followers!

How did your love for music start?

I became interested in music when I was four, urging my parents to sign me up for piano lessons. By seven, I decided to pursue music as a pianist. Deciding my career at the age of seven? I know it sounds absolutely crazy! But my passion and dedication for music has never stopped as I see myself none other than a musician since I was young. The High Distinctions I obtained in graded examinations certainly motivated me, but as I grew older, I realised examination scores do not determine my potential as a musician.

I began exploring more into the music industry, picking up the Chinese Guzheng and achieving a Distinction in diploma at 12 years old. I was lucky to have amazing dedicated piano teachers who guided and motivated me, and somehow everything else fell into place – I achieved a LRSM Distinction when I was 16, was awarded the 1st prize in the East zone piano competition in 2012, clinched a Gold award in the Singapore Performers’ Festival in 2014, and in 2017, emerged as the youngest award recipient in the Singapore International Festival of Music Competition Soloists Category. And now, I got into RCM!

I am extremely passionate about fulfilling my goal of becoming a professional pianist, but I have to constantly remind myself that hard work and dedication beats talent and luck. Music has always been an important part of my life and I can never imagine a day where I stop loving music!

Do you have a beauty regime to looking so fantastic?

Woah thank you for your compliment! I used to suffer from acne as a teenager, but I’ve discovered a secret for clear healthy skin – HYDRATION! Ten glasses of water a day is mandatory to me. I make sure I keep my skin hydrated at all times, and I don’t believe in piling up beauty products.

In fact, the only beauty product I use is SKII treatment essence. No toner, no serum, nothing else! I use it twice a day after washing my face in the morning and before I go to bed. SKII is definitely my holy grail! One excellent product is enough to cover for an entire beauty regime.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a shopaholic are you?

I would say an 8. I don’t really buy unnecessary things on impulse but sometimes I find myself spending way over my budget, especially if it’s online shopping! I don’t regret the things I buy, but there are too many clothes, shoes and bags sitting in my wardrobe for more than a year and I haven’t worn them yet. Most of them are just too fancy and extra to wear them on a daily basis!

What is your fashion style like?

Definitely girly. I’d pick heels over flats and skirts over pants. Most of the times I’m wearing girly colours like pink, lilac and white. I also adore anything with lace details and shiny gemstones! If I were to choose a fashion icon that describes my style, I would say Paris Hilton. A bit of the early 2000s with lots of pink and sparkle haha and the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit!

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or learn but haven’t had the time?

I’ve always wanted to learn dancing but good dancers often spend so much time and effort to practice. Sometimes I find myself watching Aliya Janell’s dance choreography videos and being green in envy. Her moves are so sexy and intriguing!

If you could time travel, where will you go?

I was thinking if I should say the past, but I will pick the future. It will be really fascinating to see what new technologies we have in the future and whether we’re driving our cars like aeroplanes in the sky… And maybe I can bring something back to the present! Oh and yes, I can see who I will marry in the future and how much wrinkles I have on my face when I’m older!

What is the funniest or lamest attempt a guy has tried to know you?

Once there was this guy who approached me for a survey. He kept pleading me to help him with his quick survey so I did. After a few minutes of walking away, I received a message from him. Smart move for getting my number but using a survey as an excuse? *yawns*

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Winnie. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Confidence is sexy! Based on physical appearance, everyone defines sexy in a different way. But if you always carry yourself with poise and a charming smile, nobody can say you aren’t sexy! But don’t forget the heels because they really do make your body posture better.

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