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Miss Southwest Earth US 2017, Kristine Hara


Miss Southwest Earth US 2017, Kristine Hara

I’m a software engineer, born and raised in sunny California! I’ve enjoyed doing editorial and lifestyle shoots for art and stress relief for years. I also compete in beauty pageants and am currently Miss Southwest Earth United States 2017.  I still can’t decide if I’m an introvert or an extrovert. You can usually find me either curled up at home with a good book or crashing various parties.

Photo: Katherine Hara

What perks do you enjoy most about being a model?

Modeling has really changed how people treat me (for the better)!  It’s also led to some interesting opportunities. I recently was (very briefly) in a P-Lo feat G-Eazy music video and have a couple of upcoming editorials in digital magazines.

Which is your favorite or most memorable photoshoot experience?

Recently a photographer submerged me in a warm milk bath and piled tons of orange slices and flowers on me. It felt like a trip to the spa and smelled like sitting in ice cream. I got so comfortable I almost forgot to pose.

Photo: Huy Doan (@hmdfotos)

Is posing on camera a lot harder than it looks?

It is! I’m the most uncoordinated person in the world (huge fear of going down escalators) so it’s especially hard for me. The best models understand lighting and gear really well – you have to be able to imagine what the photographer is seeing and adjust your poses accordingly. Of course, the better the photographer, the less hard I have to work.

Is there a food or drink you can’t live without?

I have a strange love for pork intestines. It’s really difficult to find and weirds out some of my friends, but you can’t beat that yummy chewy texture. It also has a lot of zinc and minerals and is really nutritious.

Photo: Huy Doan (@hmdfotos)

Do you believe in any superstition?

Sometimes I get irrational urges. Like, I’ll be afraid that if I don’t pick up a sock on the floor, I’ll fail a midterm. It might be my neurotic side showing. I also leave a lot of socks on the floor.

Photo: Kristine Hara

Would you rather have the ability to mind read or teleport?

That’s a hard question! Mind reading is probably better for my career, but I’d imagine people have all kinds of weird thoughts that I wouldn’t always want to see. Or it’d be unsettling to read someone’s thoughts and know exactly what they were thinking about me at the time, with absolutely no filter. So, I’ll go with teleportation, it’d be fun to be a travel blogger.

What is the funniest or lamest attempt a guy has tried to know you?

Once a guy hid my phone during a first date and pretended to find it! I had just gone to the bathroom and accidentally left my phone on the table. When I got back, it was gone! I was freaking out and had just about given up when he suddenly was like, “Oh, I found your phone.” I only knew it was fake because he pretended to find it in a spot that I had searched a few minutes ago.  There definitely wasn’t a second date after that.

Photo: Kevin Mathison (@kevin_mathison_photography)

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Kristine. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Intelligence is the ultimate turn on. The sexiest people I’ve dated all had unique, fascinating minds. People that can play mind games well are extremely sexy, à la Chuck from Gossip Girl.

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Instagram: @queenkristine

Look out for my next work, coming soon on, a digital magazine showcasing the beauty of ethnic skintones!

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