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LA Model & Disney Fan Jennifer Ung


LA Model & Disney Fan Jennifer Ung

Hello! Where to start off.. I am Chinese and Cambodian! Born and raised in LA. I am currently a student studying to become a veterinarian, and to be more specific, with wildlife animals! I am a mother of three dogs (huskies) and three cats! Their IG is @lefluffybuttts!

Photo: @k.ha_pix

Which is the best compliment you have received?

Oh my goodness! This girl came up to me as I was dancing at Beyond Wonderland 2017 and said, “You are so beautiful and I can see it in the way you dance! It’s so beautifully full with such soul and passion! I’ve never seen someone so genuinely happy! I hope you find your sun and moon and day!”

Yes I was 100% sober 😛

Photo: @k.ha_pix

Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy the great outdoors and going on adventures! Yes, I will go take a walk around a 24 hour Walmart for fun at 3am! I am always up for hikes, exploring new places, and trying new things! Recently I picked up aerial and pole lessons as my new hobbies!

I use to dance hip hop but I recently started picking up cultural dances such as Polynesian, Chinese Traditional, and Latin! Besides my active lifestyle, I also enjoy staying in to relax, do puzzles, watch movies, annoy my cats, playing video games, scrapbooking, cosplaying, and of course, eating! Oh, and I am ALWAYS at Disneyland! 🙂

Photo: @k.ha_pix

How much of a party animal are you?

Oh man.. the good old days.. I have toned down A LOT on the partying but let’s just say I use to go out every weekend to every event. Sometimes even back to back on the same weekends. My liver can’t hang no more! But I still enjoy going out to dance every now and then!

Is there a food or drink you can’t live without?


Photo: totomarvs

Are you more of a lingerie or bikini babe?

I like both but if I had to choose one, probably lingerie. It’s a cute fashion style and it feels great to feel good in your own body! I personally feel that a lot of people think of sex appeal when they think of lingerie but it depends on how the photo is portrayed.

A women should be able to feel empowered and beautiful in what she wears! Self confidence isn’t a easy to have. I can understand why people would think it’s degrading to take photos in lingerie but like I said, it depends on how the image is portrayed and I am personally NOT a fan of those photos.

Photo: totomarvs

What is the lamest or funniest attempt a guy has tried to know you?

It’s between, “Hey you are so beautiful! Do you want to sell your used pantyhose’s?” or “How old are you? I got a car, wanna drive along with me to fun sports, or I am going to the mall. Want to go with me?”

HAHA daily DMs.

Photo: @cytherial_

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Jennifer. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I define “sexy” as beautiful. Not in a sexual way where I’m trying to say, “HEY HAVE SEX WITH ME!” But in a way where you can portray yourself as a strong, independent, confident women or man! Knowing what you want in life and working towards your goals is sexy.  Similar to what I answered in the bikini or lingerie post.

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Modeled for my friends clothing brand @lpdtmovement

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