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Alternative Model & Cosplayer Aleata Illusion


Alternative Model & Cosplayer Aleata Illusion

Hi Aleata it is a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Heya, thank you for having me! Well I go by “Aleata Illusion”..Aleata is my real first name, but Illusion was added as a stage name. I hail from a small town in Ohio, but I’m currently in the moving process. I love change and need some new scenery and people! I’m a little ball of artistic creativity. I have always been interested in ALL THINGS ART! I can’t even properly describe how much of an impact it’s had on my life and who I am.

I think my “super villain” title tends to confuse people but I actually model (alternative websites, Cosplay, magazines, live shows, conventions, for fun). I am a student of business and journalism, I design and make clothing, sell fetish items and stage clothing. I am a photographer, writer, and I love doing promotional work. I haven’t kept up with it in awhile but I also love blogging about horror movies, I basically use my social media to still rant about them.

What inspired you to start modeling?

I was inspired to start modelling when people were gaining more interest in me than the other work I was wrapped up in. I always just posted photos to express my creativity and would collaborate with some amazing photographer friends, and friends of the alternative online community really loved what I was doing. There’s no one like me in the world, I think I’m referred to a lot as sexy and sarcastic. Most models try to play themselves off as conventional and avoid any kind of confrontation, but I’m just an outspoken person. I will never hold back my opinion to make someone else feel comfortable.

I love what I do but I am who I am, I don’t feel the need to water down my personality. I think that’s why a lot of people take to me. It’s an amazing feeling to inspire other people and be sought after as a sex symbol, my ass is legitimately famous. I don’t know how many strangers have identified me online by my bum. Not to mention the opportunities that come from promoting my modelling on social media is insane, everything from tattoo artists offering work to brands contacting me to sport their clothes. I really have a blast with everything I do and even though I have some crazy fans I still try to communicate with everyone! I can’t even relate how stoked I am for new shoots and publications this year! I’m already getting swamped with requests to do so much, it’s really surreal. I don’t plan on quitting yet so the road of entertainment will be a long one for me! I will always stick to the entertainment industry!

What motivates you?

I am my biggest source of motivation! I will legitimately give myself motivational speeches if I ever start feeling overworked. The people who stalk my profiles to report my photos and leave hateful comments, they definitely motivate me. You can only laugh at nasty individuals like that because it’s all jealousy based, I’ve dealt with it my entire life. Any type of hate only fuels my fire. I know who I am and what I want to accomplish in life and I’m doing just that. When people are afraid of criticism or falling out of line, they have a tendency to take it out on those who are doing what they love fearlessly. I’ve always had a wacky appearance and bold personality so I’ve been judged and harassed by strangers my entire life. I used all the hate as a stepping stone to build off of, go even further, rise above the rest. It keeps making me stronger and I feed off it. It doesn’t matter path you choose to follow in life there will always be someone that doesn’t like what you do, so why not do what you love?

I have been lucky enough to have spectacular amount of supportive friends, family, and fans! People write me beautiful messages, share my photos, buy my sets and items, even the people who take the time to say “good morning” every day, it all makes me smile. I challenge myself to see how much I can accomplish every year regardless of how much craziness is going on in my personal life. Another thing I’ve always wanted to do was have an article in the number one magazine representing tattooed people, Inked Magazine. I know a wonderful photographer who shoots for them so that dream may be a reality very soon. I just keep working hard and pushing forward. We only live once so just go fucking nuts!

Is there a fashion trend you hope will make a comeback?

When it comes to fashion trends, I’m an eclectic weirdo. I love so many different styles and love mixing all my clothes to form creative little kawaii outfits. Also in the way of clothing I adore designing my own and having everything custom made. It also helps because I’m extremely small, I weigh about 90lbs and I’m 5’4” so I never fit any clothing items properly. I love Japanese, Chinese, 80s punk, 50s retro, and costume wear. I’m a huge comic/horror movie fan so cosplaying is a huge aspect of what I do. I never follow any certain trends that are going on, I start my own.

If you could learn anything in this world, what will it be?

If I could learn anything in this world? Well, I’m currently learning to speak Japanese. Writing in kanji won’t be as easy. I’m literally a knowledge sponge. I read constantly, I love listening to people’s life stories, I love studying just about anything. It’s true what they say, knowledge is power. Open your mind to the world and take everything in.

Which is the sexiest item in your wardrobe?

The sexiest item in my wardrobe would have to be my birthday suit. I LOVE BEING NAKED! I’m a huge exhibitionist! In the way of lingerie, I love the white strappy style that shows off almost everything. Mesh fabric is always alluding to the figure. I have a thin tone body with a bubble butt so I can pretty much rock anything! I love color and any bottom I wear has to show off my butt or it’s just unacceptable. I also love my cut/ripped-up halter tops I make out of old band shirts!

Is there any music artiste you wish to watch live but have yet to?

I used to do a ton of band promotion so I’ve already seen most of the bands live that make my heart skip a beat. Dennis Lyxzen is truly an inspiration to me and I really hope to see him live soon. He’s the lead singer of “Refused” and his new band is called “INVSN”..he’s not just another punk rock singer, he’s a political activist who’s fighting for what’s right in the world. There are not many bands around still trying to convey an important message to their audience, to make people really question what’s going on around them.

When you can artistically turn what you’re passionate about into something meaningful to change others lives, that’s what life is about. We are lied to our whole lives beginning with shit like; Santa Claus will only bring you presents if you’re a good child, about having to follow all the rules, only listen to what we’re taught in school, go to college or you’ll fail, get married and have kids or you won’t be normal, dress how everyone else dresses or you’re a freak, obtain the religion you’re “born” into and never question the inner workings of the cult-like propaganda being shoved in your face and down your throat. People like Dennis are fighting the good fight, he’s standing up for what’s right.

Lamest or weirdest attempt a guy has hit on you? 

Oh, here we go…I hear a lot of horrible pick-up lines considering I do nude modelling. I could never count the copious amounts of dick pics I receive on a daily basis. I’ve heard things like “I’d drag my dick through miles of shards of glass to lick your feet”, “I’d bury my face in dat ass”, “I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk straight for a week”…lot’s of disturbing messages and comments. I get asked out on a daily basis, I get marriage proposals, I get the people who fake being “photographers” and “business managers” to try to lure me into their homes, people who claim to have connections.

I legitimately have people follow me around in public, stare at me with their mouths open, try to start conversations based on my tattoos or hair to ask for my number or try to get a date. I don’t feed into any of the weird stuff. I’m a professional, straight edge, monogamous family woman. I have morals and high standards. People are fooled by what I do and they are crazy if they think any other alternative models would just happily accept their disgusting requests. All the girls get their fair amount of sicko and trolls, even if they don’t model in the nude.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Aleata. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

You’re so very welcome and thank you for having me! Now to define “sexy” I’d have to say it can be a little bit of everything! Sexy doesn’t always have to be defined as completely naked, spread eagle, sucking on a dildo. Sexy can be your attitude, your personality, your style, your habits,  your intelligence, your outlook on life…as well as your body, but it can always be much deeper than that. People may get reeled in by your flesh, but they’ll stay for other little quirks you exhibit. I’ve had people fall in love with me over the strangest things, from my nose to my laugh, from my confidence to my strength.

Sexy is so much more than people give it credit for. We can’t just judge people by looks, someone could be gorgeous on the outside and despicable on the inside. I have never fallen for someone over looks, there was always something unique and intriguing that I didn’t see in anyone else. Growing up we’re all disciplined to be discouraged by flaws. But to me, I think sexy is being rare. Being a rare breed of human is something so beautiful. That’s sexy!

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