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How To Have Enjoyable Sex

Sex Ed

How To Have Enjoyable Sex

My personal views on sex have changed dramatically over my lifetime. What I used to think will surprise you! It surprises me.

Growing up in the conservative, religious Midwestern state of South Dakota, I thought sex should be saved for two married people in love. Even further, I had a very utilitarian and pragmatic attitude towards sex. I used to believe that sex should just be for reproductive purposes. If you didn’t want to have a baby, then you shouldn’t be having sex. Not surprisingly, this changed when I discovered how ecstatic and enjoyable sex can be.

Now, I’m open-minded about the purpose of sex. Sex can be an array of things to an array of people. You decide what sex is to you. To me, sex fulfills one of two purposes: 1) an enjoyable, stress-relieving pastime similar to a hobby or, 2) a way for people who care about each other to bond.

I also believe that sex has become too stigmatized. Not just in the West, but all over the globe. Sex is a primal desire, need even. Sex is like other basic functions: eating, breathing, bodily waste, menstruation, etc. We should be more open in talking about it and should avoid portraying it in a dirty or disgusting light.

What Gets Me In The Mood For Sex

I’m somewhat sapiosexual/demisexual. Sure, I get turned on by bulging muscles, sex lines and a 6-pack, but that matters less the more I know you. The best way to turn me on is to allow us to get acquainted before we head to the bedroom. Let’s get to know each other over a dinner date before we get physical. I love an intelligent man who loves talking about his endeavors and interests. Photography, string theory, marketing and infrastructure engineering are all fascinating topics.

Specific compliments also warm the mood. For example, I’d love to know what aspects about me sealed the deal. Did my lips look incredibly soft? Do you enjoy my kissing style? Are my delicate fingers endearing?

And I know it can be hard, but take it slow! Lots of kissing, touching, rubbing and teasing will get me thoroughly excited for sex. Take your time exploring my body… and my hard work! I put a lot of effort into my clear complexion, fit body and soft, smooth skin. Let me know you appreciate it.

Is Chemistry Important For Good Sex?

Chemistry isn’t necessary to have good sex, but chemistry is important to have amazing sex. Good technique alone will allow you to have enjoyable sex with a partner. Amazing sex comes from being attracted and connected to your partner. If the goal is to have amazing sex, ensure you’re not looking for hottest woman (or man) to have sex with. You need a partner who is in tune with your sexual preferences, outlook and attitude. For example, a person who is serious about sex may not mesh with a partner who is spunky and playful.

I have my preferences, but they become less important the more I know my you. In fact, the more I know you, the more I prefer the existing characteristics of my partner.

The basics are good grooming, oral hygiene, clean and put-together outfit. I make an effort to look, smell and taste good for you. Put a little effort into seeing me, too.

I prefer men with little body hair. Smooth face is my favorite and no to short body hair everywhere else. I prefer men who maintain a healthy body weight as my own health is important to me. And even though it can be hard, I prefer men who are taller than my 5”8’. It can be tricky, even more when I like to flaunt my legs with a pair of sexy heels.

What I Need To Get An Orgasm

I’m quite rare. I can orgasm from penetration and I don’t need oral or manual stimulation. The two requirements that must be met are 1) right mentality (i.e. turned on and focused) and 2) cowgirl position.

I usually don’t (if ever) orgasm from cunnilingus or hand jobs. While I’m a pleaser, I don’t expect you to be one. I take responsibility for my own pleasure when I’m intimate with you.

Do’s & Don’ts Guys Should Know

Yes! Sex never comes with hard rules because implementation is key. But here are some good guidelines.

1. If I’m a little dry, do feel free to lick or use lubricant. Please do not spit on my genitalia. I don’t find it sexy and hacking up saliva is an instant mood killer.

2. Do feel free to ask me for feedback and give direction. I want to make sure your experience is exactly how you imagined. Do not be afraid to tell me what you like and don’t like.

3. Do stay engaged with me and the moment. Please do not be a starfish. I know it’s my job to entertain you, but sex is an act between two people!

4. Do take your time to explore foreplay and what feels good. i.e. Don’t rush it! The most satisfying sex allows you to explore and allow your excitement to build slowly.

I’m Leijla Foss, your coworker crush fantasy come true. I’m the tall brunette who is too cute to have gone to Stanford and too seductive to be single. Does my refreshing combination of youth and experience draw you in? Does my sinful purity tease your curiosity? Find out; allow me to satisfy your every wish, need and fantasy.

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