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Why You Should Book An Escort For Your Couple Threesome

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Why You Should Book An Escort For Your Couple Threesome

I get the greatest sexual pleasure from the intimacy and passion within which sex is experienced. From the moment I walk through your door, catching a glimpse of you undressing me with your eyes, I get butterflies knowing how much you want to devour me. As I sit down with you, my heart skips a beat as you reach for my hand and give me a cheeky little kiss. I grow closer to you as we discuss topics dear to both our hearts. I let you stimulate my most powerful sexual organ – my mind. This is where sex begins for me.

Sexual acts only come in to complete the picture, but are hardly the centre of the experience. I can tell you which position will make me orgasm the quickest, but will always ensure that you know it is never the end goal. Well, not mine anyway. What matters to me most, if you want to please me, is the quality of our time together, the connection we share and the passion we enthral ourselves in (and just so you know, these intensify my orgasms).

Chances are we will share a precious few hours together and days, weeks or months will pass until we see each other again. In between these times, while I will remember you for how much pleasure you have given me, what truly leaves an imprint in my heart is the person that you are and the way you make me feel.

Why I Love Couple Sessions

As a lover of men and women, I adore couple sessions. With men, I love feeling feminine and vulnerable in their presence. From their strong embraces and masculine touches, I delight in sexual energy. With women, I relish the sensual and visual of the feminine form, the emotional closeness and special female bond. Couple bookings give me an opportunity to experience the best of both worlds and I am always almost too excited when I receive an enquiry for one!

My interest in joining couples started before I became an escort. It was one of the things that I had wanted to try since the day I knew I was bisexual. But it had taken me a long time before I finally met a couple where both people were attracted to me and whom I feel comfortable with. My first couple play turned out to be all that I had dreamed of. He knew how to multitask (gentlemen, take note!) and she was the most delicious thing that certainly knew her way around the female body. I was spoilt rotten from the very start.

As both of them were keeping me busy, I lost count of how many orgasms she and I had in that long lustful session (and he swore he was the luckiest man alive). Since that day I have joined many more couples in my personal life as well as professionally as an escort. What I enjoy most in couple bookings is being able to help partners share an adventurous sexual experience of a threesome, knowing that I have added a little spice to their relationship and made their life just a little richer.

Why Should Every Couple Try A Threesome With An Escort

The theory is that female sexuality is more fluid than that of male’s (I am not going to bore you with the details but if you are interested here is one of the many studies on the topic In short, women are rarely strictly heterosexual. When it comes to what turns them on, women are either bisexual or gay. Their sexual preferences tend to be a grey area rather than black and white. So even though women say they are straight, they may sometimes be attracted to beautiful women.

This is often the experience I share with the female part of many couples I have come to know. Many women in heterosexual relationships craves a woman’s touch and are excited at the thought of being sexual with another woman. Inviting a second lady into your bedroom (with your partner’s consent, of course) is a great way to allow her to explore her sexuality in a safe environment. However, having spent considerable time in the swinging scene (please don’t judge) I can tell you that it is nearly impossible to find genuinely bisexual, sexually liberated, willing AND attractive single females to join you for a threesome because they are highly sought after by couples like yourselves, plus all the men in this world. This is why they are often referred to as the “unicorns” in the swinging/polyamory community because it is so rare to find one in the real world, almost as if they are a mystical creature!

Most unicorns will realise at some point how valuable they are and turn professional (like yours truly). Hiring a professional is therefore much easier. Because there are so many of us, you will have a privilege to choose one that tickles both of your fantasies, plus a sex worker that is experienced in couple bookings can guide you into the direction that will yield the most satisfying result for you both, especially if it is your first time.

Less common in my experience is one partner gets involved only to please the other partner and that is fine, as long as you do not feel pressured into it but please take precautions that I will discuss in the next section. Keep in mind that booking an escort to join you and your partner in the bedroom means that you are allowing someone else to enter into the sacred and a very intimate space between you two. It can therefore evoke some strong emotions and is something I will recommend only if you have considered and discussed in length with your partner.

Do’s & Don’ts When Booking A Session

As I have been on both sides of the equation, I can give a little advice for any couples who are looking to enrich their relationships with the help of a professional escort.


Do know why you are doing this for. Is it for her to explore her bi-curiosity? Or she is fully bisexual and craves a woman’s touch once in a while? Is it for him to realise his fantasy? Or you are trialling the idea to see if it can spice up your sex life? There are various reasons why a couple may seek to book an escort for a threesome and these different reasons should guide how you and your escort tailor the experience to be satisfying for both of you.

Do know your boundaries and talk it out with your escort. Often the boundaries you set will be linked to the reason why you are doing this in the first place. As a professional unicorn, I often find that different couples have different levels of comfort. For a total satisfaction for both female and male of the couple, I recommend that you find out among yourselves where your comfort level lies. It is important to go at the pace you are both comfortable with, no need to be too brave especially if it is your first time. For example, if you are doing this for her to explore her bi-curiosity, you may agree to a full lesbian play between the females and only foreplay between the male and the escort. See how you go and decide if you want to go further next time. No one should be pushing anyone to do what they are not comfortable with

Do observe how your partner is feeling at all times because they should come first if you care about your relationship. If at any point you notice that your partner is being consumed by jealousy, stop what you are doing and attend to their feelings. Any professional experienced with couples would understand when this happens and it does more than you may think. You may have discussed the idea with your partner plenty of times before actually taking the plunge, but the reality might be very different from what you expected. Keep in mind that you are entering a territory where logic does not apply. So even if you think you are above jealousy, you may not be and that is absolutely fine (because hey, love isn’t rational anyway!) This will be the opportunity to acknowledge that your relationship may not be ready for this just yet and remember that most relationships will never get there and that is fine. There are plenty of fun things to do sexually. If you still want to explore threesomes, discuss the problem in length with your partner, increase your boundaries, start from tiny baby step (how about starting with you two ladies play while your man watch and he is allowed to touch only if you feel like it? I’m sure he doesn’t mind that)


Do not do this just to please your partner when you are not into it yourself. Likewise, do not push your partner into this if you feel it will only be for your pleasure. Remember, threesomes should be all about enhancing your relationship and reinforcing your connection, so the motivation to do this should come from both of you. If only one of you is keen on the idea, it is time to re-evaluate what is important in your relationship. Are you making your partner feel inadequate because you want to add somebody else to the equation? Are regret, distrust and insecurities worth a couple of hours of fun? A threesome can wait. There are and will be endless supply of providers experienced in couple bookings for when you are ready.

Tips For Equal Threesome Play

As I have explained before there are different dynamics of a threesome which can be tailored to your desire and best discussed with an experienced provider. This means equal playtime may not be a requirement. But if you are worried I would advise you to learn to multitask (very important, gentlemen). Ladies, if you are anything like me, you will appreciate another female form being presented in front of you and I am sure you will find the way to keep each other busy!

Another thing is, do not be afraid to be creative. In threesome textbooks, there are proper positions that you can learn and that is fantastic (have you heard of the Eiffel Tower?!) but in reality, most of the time you will find yourselves entangled in awkward positions and that is great too. I think it adds to the fun to improvise and try to utilise that idle hand or tongue!

My name is Monica La Bella. I’m a professional sweetheart, hopeless romantic and strikingly beautiful distraction. Available to please and inspire in Melbourne, Australia and world-wide by invitation

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Monica La Bella

My name is Monica La Bella. I’m a professional sweetheart, hopeless romantic and strikingly beautiful distraction. Available to please and inspire in Melbourne, Australia and world-wide by invitation


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