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How Q Came to Be a Male Escort

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How Q Came to Be a Male Escort

I am frequently asked how I came to be working in this business as a male escort. My account, much like countless others, is truly unique and one that I am not afraid to share with you. My path to becoming a male escort is one that came about purely by chance and was wholly unexpected. One could even use the clichéd response that I candidly fell into it.

You see, I have only recently joined the modern crowd and got into the swing of things in social media to open up and share my experiences.

For some time now I have been working exclusively from word of mouth and through recommendation. So yes, Q is indeed new to social media and the Internet, and even new to many in the industry (I’ve kept a relatively subtle profile until now), however he is far from new to many of his clients.

One of my dearest friends is a well-known and respected female escort in Brisbane. Every so often she will receive contact from women and couples seeking recommendations and suggestions for a male escort. Often they will have particular desires, requirements, or they are purely looking for an alternative man to connect with.

I have been her “go to” recommended man for something different. Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed in this industry, and at the end of the day the female client will either like me or not. I do get more acceptances than rejections as my female escort friend holds a highly regarded professional opinion, and these women are already seeking something different from the customary beefcake or toyboy, hence their initial contact.

What these women were looking for is someone that resembles a typical boyfriend and not the perfect male Adonis. Why? Some women find the “perfection” intimidating. Men in a couples relationship want a man whom he can trust with his wife and to also not be intimidated by him. Unless of course you are a cuckold, but that’s a story for another day.

Couples want to get into swinging, but from the countless stories I’ve been told, it’s quite a lengthy and time wasting process to find a suitable match.

Ladies looking for male escorts often spend countless hours investigating the Internet and social media to acquire a suitable guy, only to find a lack of variety. There are a few who take their business seriously and put fantastic effort in. The rest, in the words of these women, appear “creepy”, “too gym junkie”, “too pretty”, “lacking personality” or simply “not their type”.

Female escorts can be tall, short, blonde, brunette, redhead, sporty, demur, PSE, GFE, dominatrix, big boobs, little boobs, bimbos, intellectuals, geeks, gamers, MILFs, models, grannies, BBWs, slender, athletic, old, young, pregnant, I could go on and on. A man’s selection is a rich and bountiful harvest. Women, on the other hand, when they go male escort shopping, aren’t afforded the variety men are used to. On repeated occasion women are presented with typically three types of male escorts…and this is no slight on those types as many women do adore them (each to their own and all that; no hate mail please): 1. Buff gym boys/Tradies. 2. Models. 3. Creeps on .

Now this is where Q comes into play.

There are many women seeking a man who is just that little bit different from the norm, someone who is unique and able to offer them a distinctive type of experience. Much like men, women do delight in a rich medley of guys and would very much love a varied selection to choose from.  They come for social needs, physical restrictions or disabilities, lack of intimacy in an existing relationship, boredom, loneliness, or to liberate their sexuality and experiment. There is no “type” and every woman has a different backstory.

Q is someone unique, someone different. He doesn’t live in the gym and take selfies and he isn’t a tradie. Don’t get me wrong, I take care of my health and enjoy regular fitness, but it’s not all I am.

I’m a humble man but proud enough to be different. I have a business degree and a law degree.

I read ancient history texts for fun. True!

I also like pulp novels and books on human intelligence. My interests vary from geekery to Tantra. I am a multifaceted being.

I am engaging as I love learning about people. I am not just some guy who thinks he’s going to “get paid to get laid” as they say.

As I revealed earlier, I have never advertised Q. Two reasons, one is that I have a professional career and choose to keep discreet. Two, I was apprehensive as I thought I had to fit the “perfect” narrative. From the clients I have been receiving, I found that I was so very wrong. For looks can only get you so far with some ladies, but it’s the brains and sincerity not just for her pleasure, but also for her well-being that brings them back.

I am promoting Q now because several people have recommended that I should do so, and I have finally got the courage.

I am not in this business to inflate my ego. I enjoy this line of work. It brings me into contact with a range of fascinating and diverse group of people, each with their own unique tale to tell and journey they are traveling on. Absorbing others’ experiences and interests is also part of my own journey into self-discovery.

It may be unbelievable to accept, but many of the clients I have seen have aided me in various ways on my own journey and through troubled spots in my life. Interacting and engaging with people from immensely dissimilar backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles and norms from your own tends to widen one’s eyes and help you view the bigger picture in life. And some people really are just a lot of naughty sexy fun.

So this is Q. He is here. Q isn’t a character or a persona. He is really is just me. Nothing like you would expect, but maybe a little more.

Q is a straight male escort for women in Brisbane, Australia. Specializing in companionship and Tantric Yoni massage. Intellectual and unusual.

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Q is a straight male escort for women in Brisbane, Australia. Specializing in companionship & Tantric Yoni massage. Intellectual & unusual.


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